Cardi B Shows Off Her 5$ K-Channel Bag Offset Gave Her To Celebrate “WAP”s Success

Anything can become a trend nowadays as we show off how we feel about the thing we are having but besides all of these, I think we have to be thankful for the life we are having now due to the situations right now!!!

A woman can be with any gift mostly like bags and all more than makeup where a rapper got a stunning bag worth $4800 which is nothing but a “channel bag” where the rapper none other than a cardi got surprised by seeing the gift.

Here we are talking about Cardi B’s daughter who is now 2 years old show of her first channel bag on Instagram. Like her mom, She may not have any ”Birkin wall” but still she has a wildly coveted wardrobe.

Cardi B shared a snap on Friday on Instagram in that picture was B’s daughter showing off her Chanel bag which is a white quilted flap bag and that bag has a chain strap and on that bag, in front, a luxury label of the name is written in the bold golden letters. On her Instagram stories Lucky who is a Wap rapper,28 captioned the photo which is black and white.

Better than this no present cannot stand where the stylish women want a channel bag where the love towards it is increasing as it rate…

The stunning shopping bag retails for a whopping of 4800$ featured with stunning sequins and a glittering style perfect for cardi’s personality where her look always different from others which is simply like a trend nowadays…

The “money rapper” was fully excited by her gift and barely controlled her joy for it!!! The featured handbag has rhinestones of various colors all cascading across the metal black fabric. Seeing her posts on Instagram itself we can feel her joy how madly she is with her gift where I’m also very fond of bags but I didn’t have a proper one now:))))

From screenshots of her Instagram live session cardi and her beloved beau are seen dancing with one another and cardi showing off her bag with lots of love and joy as we can say she badly wanted it and got surprised as a gift!!!!

Migos’ frontman flashed a smile at the camera while showing off the channel box which cardi opened later to find as her surprise. After knowing her surprise she was surprised a lot by the gift!!! So, learn to surprise your loved ones from the article…..