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Magi Season 3 Release date is out?: ADVENTURE OF SINBAD (CONFIRMED?) | Release Date | New Cast!


The series is the Japanese Magna series which is beautifully written by Shinobu Ohatak and the pictures and graphical material is done by Toshifumi Ohtera and it is published by Shogakukan website Ura Sunday. The series has 19 series collected volume the series was adapted in five-volume which was released from 2014 to 2015 the series include the genre of the adventure and fantasy the series talk about the future high king of seven seas who began his life as a new boy who wants to bring the change in the world but faces danger in the start.

The first episode is also knowing that a magic season 1 which starts with a very fantastic way in this world in which a young man named Alibaba live with a manual laborer with any experience and knowledge and also linked with to another, and there are some slaves and their main character name is Morgiana was released in April 2016.

The series also has the anime action fiction Magi the adventure of Sinbad is all about fiction fantasy the series is about the maturity rating of 16+ and also the show is exciting. When will Magi Season 3 come? Fans are eagerly waiting for Magi Season 3.

Know more about Magi Season 3 below:

Magi Season 3


The cast involves Daisuke Ono, Tomokazu Sugita, Keiji Fujiwara, Akira Ishida, and many other amazing cast and the voice-over actor has an amazing voice-over performance done in the show as the show and the cast has perfectly taken out the amazing feature of the show. As the show has fantasy and adventure the cast was able to bring out the feature on the show as the script was beautifully done and was nicely acted. Know the release date of Magi Season 3 below:

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The review and rating of the Magi: the adventure of Sinbad episodes was given by google user is 93% and the review of IMDb is 7.6 out of 10 and taking a look at the voice over it was done beautifully no overlap was seen or felt in the show. The script was nice storyline was something to which someone can relate and the overall series worth watching and is quite a binge-watching the shows should be either long or more in number as the character should be explored more. Magi Adventure of Sinbad has a bit of less flavor that makes the original one more exciting and worth watching and time investing. How many episodes will be there in Magi Season 3? Fans are Eagerly waiting for Magi Season 3.

Magi Season 3

STORY PLOT: Magi Season 3

The story is about the origins of Sinbad. He is the boy with the magic power and the real journey begins when he saved the life of a servant and his legend begins. As the year has passed, the boy is growing in his way and cherishing every moment of life. Time passes and Sinbad has grown into a young and brave boy who has turned 14 years now, one day on the way of the meets a traveler named Yunan.

After an intense battle with Drakon, they head towards the Baal Dungeon together. They have to find a way to the king of dragons after conquering Baal, Sinbad moves towards the north in frigid weather and, after a meeting, he lands in Lmuchakk Drakon is on his way to find him.

Hina moves into Valefor hoping to finally meet and proves his strength. Drakon and he reunite to threaten him but Sinbad shows up out of nowhere he speaks about his dream of creating a notion and desire to change the entire nation as his words move for those who opposed him.

Now as a trader, Sinbad moves to the Reim empire after being tested the difficulty of business. He sends Hina back home and works on a deal with the entry of Rashid, king of Balbaad he helps him to bring out a stage performance and gives widespread fame.

Whereas Ja far struggles with the newborn son Kikiriku, Sinbad, Jafar, and he visits an isolated place Sasan Kingdom, the “Land of Purity for the trade. Sinbad faces a fight with his father who is the knight King Darius who also has small surprises for him in the store. After securing an alliance with the Sasan Kingdom, Sinbad heads to the matriarchal nation of Artemyra, passing through dangerous valleys on the way Stranded and subsisting on snakes, Sinbad and Ja’far lose their drive. Mystra’s finds fresh meat After his victory over Queen Mira of Artemyra, Sinbad asks her to help him create a world without conflict. She tells him about the legendary Magi. Sinbad who years after becomes the king of the Sindira he lives in the Parthevia Empire with his father who is known as a Badr a war veteran, and his mother Esra. He lost his father in the war against the Rem Empire and spends his youth helping the local villagers and tending to his ill mother he meets a strange person Yunan and shelters him. Unaware of the fact that this guy is the Magi at the request of his mother and the determination to change the world for the better and to bring out the best he decides to take the guide of the Yunan. Ask him to challenge the Dungeon Baal who appeared on the brooder between Parthevia and Reim who owns the treasure which has the eyes of many and no one has enough power to survive and have it. The one who remained, in the end, is Sinbad himself and the Darkon at the end he wins the battle and comes back to his home to see his mother deathbed and leave his house to bring the change in the world and with this, his journey begins as he has to face lots of ups and downs and hard time in his life.

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Talking about the overall review of the series is worth watching and time investing. Magi Season 3 is excepted to come in 2021 or 2022 fan awaits for Magi Season 3 to arrive and the amazing team is all set to release Magi Season 3 and it will be streaming n Netflix. So grab your seat and popcorn and get ready to binge-watch the next Magi Season 3, an amazing series. Here is the trailer of season 1

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