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The Dragon Prince Season 4(Releasing Soon!!!): Release Date | Plot | Cast

Now we are talking about The Dragon Prince Season 4. Will The Dragon Prince Season 4 is going to be released? Here is the all news about this series. The last episode of this anime series was released in 2019 November. Shortly before, many television productions were closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Dragon Prince is a fantasy comedy animation series. It has 3 parts till now. now, The Dragon Prince Season 4 is on its way. The animation has been created by Aaron Ehasz and Justice Richmond. It has been made under the Bardel Entertainment, and Wonderstrom Production. Furthermore, Aaron Ehasz, Justice Richmond, Devon Giehl, Lain Hendry, Neil Mukhopadhyay are the scriptwriter of the show. Whereas, Villads Spangsberg is the director of the series. The animation premiered on Netflix and PGS entertainment.

Dragon Prince premiered on Netflix in September 2018. There are 3 seasons of this series, each of this season consist of 28 episodes, each of these episodes are 27 minutes long. This is plenty of time to finish a story but The Dragon Prince took a bit more time than that. A new season for which might be aired soon. Keep reading to know more

Before, moving ahead we would like to make you understand the difference between An Anime and An Animation. Animation is an animation movie or series which has been made anywhere other than Japan. Whereas the animation made in Japan is known as Anime. Only Japanese people have the right to call their animation anime, not rights but you got my point. So if you are calling The Dragon Prince an Anime, then my friend you should immediately stop calling it that. So, now the doubts have been cleared we can move ahead further.The Dragon Prince Season 4

The series was famous among the viewers and also got many positive reviews from critics. Dragon Prince had some dark story elements, supernatural realms, and magic power. However, the show still after being so famous among viewers, didn’t have a sequel. Read Further to know more about the renewal of the animation.


Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date

The Twitter account of The Dragon Prince revealed that the release date of the fourth season has not been kept yet. The release date of the fourth season is still not clear. We only speculate that season four will release in the last of 2021 or early 2022, but the release date of this season is not clear.

As soon as the third season met its end. Every fan of animation is impatiently waiting for a new season. However, the demand of fans has got an announcement from the Comic-Con related to the renewal of the Dragon Prince Season 4. Besides, the big news is that Netflix has already adapted it for seven seasons. Unfortunately, it won’t hit the On-screen because the pandemic situation has stopped many works. Positively, it will likely be aired on-screen in 2021 or early 2022.

“ We are very excited to continue this creative collaboration with Wonderstrom and Netflix, and expand this rich universe into another four seasons. I’ve said it before but it’s truly a perfect partnership. Wonderstrom has a sweeping vision of this saga, and Bardel’s success has always come from pushing boundaries. we are delighted to go down this creative path with them again,” Bardel SVP of Development and Production, Tina Chow said.

The Dragon Prince season 4: Cast

The characters and voice-over artist will be as main character Sasha Rojen voice over for the role of Ezran, Jack Desena voice over for the role of Anime Callum, and Paula Burrows voice over the role of Raylan to be back on our series. Additionally, Jason Simpson will voice over for Viren, Avaravos will be dubbed by Erik Todd Dellums, Azymondias, Claudia will dub Raquel Belmonte.

There are also chances for new characters, which we might see in another season. Till now there is no announcement regarding the change in the characters. We have to wait until officials announce something related to it.The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Expected Plot

In this new season, the dragon prince will be saved from Dark Magician Viren and will return to Queen of Nadia. To take their revenge for killing the dragon king, Elves will attack the human race. Will Callum, Rayla, and Ezran can stop the battle.

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It is also expected from Xadia that she will return to her original form and would become friends with humans. At last, Ezran will lead the counter with Callum and Rayla. We will see how he will defeat the dark magic of Viren. In a recounted world with a segment of magic, the region of Xadia will be pivoted. The six vitals part of magic were the Sun, Moon, Sky, Earth, Stars, and Oceans. Along with resurrected Viren, the epic battle will continue. 


According to some sources, The Dragon Prince Season 4 will see the conflict and tussles between human beings and dragons. Whereas, humans have a cause to destroy the dragon prince and ruin the egg with his successor. In the upcoming season, the center of the story would be the expansion of Xadia and its kingdom. There are chances that the connection between Sunfire Elves and Aaravos will be highlighted.


The Dragon Prince Season 4: Storyline

The animation is about a place called Nadia. There are three kinds of living creatures: dragons, elves, and humans in their world. However, humans co-exist with no powers with another magical creature. With time, humans somehow restore magic for themselves using dark magic for killing a magical creature. This also causes humans to divide from Xadia into two factions using lava. Centuries later, King Horrow to attain the Xadia’s power kills the dragon king with the help of Viren, this disrupts between the two races. On this point the twist and turns. However, the main goal of the series is to save the dragon prince.

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 doesn’t have an official release date but as the maker announced it is likely that we will watch The Dragon Prince Season 4 pretty soon. As no trailer has been out yet, until the official share something from their creation, we have to patiently wait for The Dragon Prince Season 4. And, if you are on the list of desperate fans you can watch a fan-made trailer available on Youtube. People who are die-hard fans had made something very creative using the already available clips of The Dragon Prince. 

Until the official announcement, we have to wait. If we get to know something about the release date of The Dragon Prince Season 4 we will update you on the matter.