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Best Beater Watches: THE BEST 10 BEATER WATCHES Purchase Now!! Best Discount and Exclusive Deals!!

Best Beater Watches

Enthusiastic watch collectors! “TO BEATER OR NOT TO BEATER” is the question that might have crossed your mind, collector or not after all Best Beater Watches are the toughest, most durable watches. You just don’t have to be afraid of damaging or ‘beating up’ these watches as these are made to be used in the most uncommon and physically challenging terrains and activities. Hence, Beater watches are made to be rigid, durable, and somewhat cheaper than other fancy watches. These might not be the best looking or the most stylish watches after all but these are the watches that you can strap on and forget about them no matter what work you’re doing.

Who says that just because Beater Watches are cheap they have to be unwearable. The whole purpose of these watches is to be a solid companion through the most physically challenging activities that are taking up a beating. To help you through your way, I have prepared a list of some of the Best Beater Watches you can purchase.

So, if you are looking for Best Beater Watches then you are on the right website. Beater watches are that which we wear without fear because Beater Watch does not spoil quickly. There are some watches that we like to wear and some watches are such that we like to wear them every day.

Nomos Tangente is an example of this. Nomos Tangente is a watch that is not designed for daily wear. This is a beautifully designed watch, which watches enthusiasts would love to sport. The same goes for beater watches. As you know that watches are very important for our life. In this fashion world, you should not wear any such watch, you should wear a nice and beautiful watch. Here is the list of the best beater watches which you can wear.

I have prepared this list of Best Beater Watches through extensive research on shopping websites and various articles and have according to categorized them into various types – Field Style Beater Watches, Rugged/Analog/Military Grade Watches, Reliable Dive Watches, Minimalists Watches, and Dress Style Beater Watches.

LIST OF Best Beater Watches:

Field Style Beater Watches

Working as highly durable field watches these might be the Best Beater Watches fit if you’re looking for watches that can handle high-intensity activities.

Best Beater Watches

Timex watches have a signature vintage style look and an infamously loud tick that almost feels like a smooth car engine working in all its glory. It has a smooth bezel that is made from polished brass and rounded lugs which combine to give a rather clean and modern look.

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It has a basic Quartz movement with an analog display that comes encased in a 38mm case with a 20mm leather band.

Best Beater Watches

Looking for a chronograph that can work on any sort of band you strap it to, leave it to Timex, who knows exactly where to point the hands to make a perfect chronograph. Now, what is a chronograph you ask?  It is a watch that acts as a stopwatch and a display watch at the same time. Just like any other Timex watch, it has an updated vintage look that works for days. This watch is known for its genuine chronograph and functional date window and is one of the Best Beater Watches.

Just like its cousin mentioned above, it has a basic quartz movement with an analog display encased in a 42mm case strapped to a 20mm leather band.

Best Beater Watches

The Seiko SNK803 is the Wal-Mart of beater watches, highly reliable. This watch gives a calm vibe with a hint of reliability. Best Beater Watches do not get any more practical than this. It has minute indices on the bigger outer circle of the face and the hour indices in the middle smaller circle which makes it looks highly modern. It has boldly outlined minutes, hours, and seconds hand.

It has a 21 jewel automatic movement with an analog display encased in a 37mm case with an 18mm fabric band.


Someone looking for Insanely durable Best Beater Watches? Well, these watches are as durable as they get!

Best Beater Watches

The Marathon Military Field Watch is a strong and silent type. Given its size, it’s not a surprise that it is lightweight and it has an all-brown design. This watch checks all the boxes of being a government-certified beater military watch. It has a high impact fiber shell casing and a sapphire crystal as a watch face which includes a swiss-made, high torque quartz movement which comes with an end-of-life indicator that indicates the battery needs to be changed.


Its analog display is encased in a 34mm case and is strapped on to a 16mm nylon band which makes it all the more durable.

Best Beater Watches

It has an aesthetic that can be described as Eastern Military influence that is fairly uncommon in many watches given that it is manufactured by the official Russian Military supplier.  There is a lot of space in the bezel and it is not a design flaw as it does not have markers between the 10-minute marks. Its stoic design is justified by the influence it has had from the Eastern Military.

It has a manual hand winding movement along with an analog display that comes in a 39mm case strapped on with an 18mm leather belt.

Reliable Dive Watches

These dive watches have an insane amount of water pressure resistance which is a must for deep-sea divers.

Best Beater Watches

It has a large stainless steel body which is because of its 42mm case which comes with a unidirectional bezel that sports a bottle cap wrenching on top and gigantic markers for indices – 12,3,6, and 9. It is weather-resistant up to 200m with a screw-down crown that forms a water-tight seal so that no water invades the case. You know the case is borderline indestructible as it is made out of surgical grade stainless steel and scratch-resistant crystal glass is tough enough for pressure diving.

Best Beater Watches

You know a citizen watch is durable AND beautiful because Citizen is the official timekeeper for the US OPEN and Disney Parks. When it comes to durability, these are water-resistant up to 100m and have scratch-resistant glass and a stainless steel body. The markers and hands are luminating.

It has a basic quartz movement with an analog display within a 42mm case and a 22mm polyurethane band.

Best Beater Watches

Unlike any other watch on this list, the Citizen Nighthawk has a GMT function that allows you to track the time for 2 time zones at a time. It has a basic stainless steel case with a slide tule bezel for tracking covered distance and basic conversion. It comes with a low-charge warning that tells you when to change the battery. The markers and hands are luminating. It is water-resistant up to 200m

It has a 42mm case and a 22mm stainless steel adjustable band.

Minimalist Watches

Best Beater Watches

Next to the list of Best Beater Watches is Casio G-Shock. This watch is extremely shock-resistant and also water-resistant up to 200m with electroluminescent backlighting for better use in someplace with a limited amount of light and hence visibility.

It has a quartz movement with a digital display encased in a 34mm resin build that comes with a 13mm band. It is also one of the most affordable and Best Beater Watches that cost only 52.42$ USD.

Dress Beater Watches

If you ever find yourself looking for a Best Beater Watches that you can wear to events and have it be the absolute talk of the event, you need not look further than this section.

Best Beater Watches

One of the most distinguishing features of the INOX is its sword-shaped flat-tipped hands which actually are made to look like swords. It has a round base and a hexagonal bezel with rounding slopes which makes it looks extremely modern and chic. Not only does it look incredibly beautiful, but it is also highly durable which has a 200m water resistance. Victorinox has taken the INOX through 130 endurance test, just to be sure. This is one of the Best Beater Watches.

It has a basic quartz movement with an analog display and a 43mm case with a 21mm stainless steel band.

What do you think about this list Of Best Beater Watches? Do you think we left out some of your favorite watches? Why do you think they should have made this list? Let us know in the comments and look out for the TIME!