[HOT] “Blondes do have more fun”, Khloe Terae on her Instagram. Shares amazing pics. Check out!

Khloe Terae takes to her Instagram handle to post pics from a recent candid shoot. She was wearing very revealing clothes and owned them very well. The Model has amassed quite a lot number of likes and followers over Instagram. She claims to have travelled over a lot of countries and flaunts her travel pics all over her feed and stories. Model Khloe posted the set of 10 pictures which gathered around 500 likes in an hour which is great. Read the whole story here about her fashion sense and how she managed to maintain and flaunt her beautiful physique.

Let us first have a look at her Instagram post which is in the news –


About the post:

On the afternoon of Thursday the 10th of August, Khloe Terae posted on her Instagram handle, a set of beautiful pictures to delight her 2.4 Million followers on the social media platform. The pictures had her candid as well as posed photos in a rather revealing dress. She captioned the post “Blondes have more fun” as she flaunted her hair and also mentioned (tagged) @modzilla84 who apparently had styled her hair.

source: Google Images

The outfit of Khloe Terae consisted of denim shorts which purposely weathered a the edge to give it a fashionable look and to give a peek-a-boo effect to her thighs and rear part. Buttons of her Denim shorts went up to her naval and made her look steaming hot in it.

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The model also wore a top which was white in colour and finished just above her navel and gave a clear and beautiful look at her flat and curvy abdomen. The beautiful lady posed on a wooden block with tall grasses in the backdrop. The tall grasses swayed with the air and the breeze also blew through her hair to make those photos even more picturesque and gorgeous. The denim shorts made her beautiful tall legs visible and she giggled as she was clicked in her first photo. All in all the set of photos must have been a treat for her 2.4 million followers which also reflected in the number of likes the post received.

source: Google Images