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Woman dying of cancer asks the mother to allow borrowing her child and offers money for the same!

There have been innumerable cases around the globe relating to family issues that have been talked about over the internet but there is one specific case that fits perfectly in twisted family troubles that this couple have faced relating with their cousin and child.

A woman recently took it to a social networking platform to speak up about the incident that took place in her family and people commented various things about the same. Whilst a few people disagreed with the woman, most of them stood with her and validated her opinion.

The woman spoke about her family member from the in-laws side who does not have a lot of time left as she has been diagnosed with cancer. This means that the cousin was unfortunate enough to not be able to experience certain joys of life which also included having a child. This was the reason for the argument.

The young cousin who is dying from cancer wanted to feel what it was like being a mother and wanted to be a part of all the experiences of motherhood. But with lack of time, adoption was not an option for her. As a solution to this, the young cousin thought it as a good solution for her to ask the couple to give up their baby for a couple of weeks.

The couple were shocked when they heard of this. More than that, they were sad with the fact that they could not complete the cousin’s wish. The couple’s baby is only a few months old and hence is required to be fed by the mother very often. To this problem as well, the cousin allowed the mother to visit their house and feed her baby everyday. However, the couple could not agree to do so.

The couple were very protective of their baby and did not think of letting their cousin borrow their baby as a good idea. The couple eventually filed a police report when the cousin decided to offer the parents money for lending their baby and even on several denials, did not stop harassing the parents. This eventually led to a spat between them.