George Clooney and Amal both are going through a trial separation!! Read the full news here!!

George Clooney and Amal are going through a trial separation after they failed to agree with living arrangements. This news is getting viral everywhere. We don’t know Is this a rumour or true?? From recent years, we have been getting some news that George wants to reside in California along with his family to spend time. But, if talking about Amal, She had her own plans for the future. She wants either to live in England or she wants to stay in Italy.

Amal, George Clooney, Trial separation

According to some news sources that the couple decided to take a trial separation, that shocks everyone. And after this decision, George tells his friends that he and Amal both are not happy with their decision of trial separation.

What sources said about George and Amal’s Trial separation!

As everyone knows that George has been going through some Marital problem from years. So this Statement is quite contradictory to the previous one. This statement directly suggests that this decision of George and Amal about separation is not big and shocking for couple’s acquaintances. Some resources also said that this couple also had their twins named Alexander and Ella. Till now Amal is staying in the house of Cindy Crawford at Los Angeles.

Amal, George Clooney, Trial separation

If talking about other reasons, Tabloid finds some more issue between the couple. The issue is that Amal hates most of the friends of George Clooney. She also blames that George friends encourage him to not to go anywhere and to come back to the United States.

And after an incident of some gathering, she heard that George tells his friends that he is planning to settle in Los Angeles. And this whole conversation was Heard by Amal. It raises that this was the reason for their separation. These are the claims done by some news resources. We are not sure about their trial separation whether it is true or not??