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Good news for the fans !!!! “Bayonetta 3” is not canceled. Check out the Latest shocking updates !!

Here we are with the latest updates on Bayonetta 3. It’s a forthcoming action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames. PlatinumGames is a well-known video game developer from Japan which was developed in October 2007. They are well known for their picturesque works like Infinite Space, MadWorldBayonetta so on. There were huge fan-following groups when Bayonetta (2009) was released for PlayStation 3 in Japan. 

Interesting Facts on Bayonetta 3 release

After the huge success of the release of Bayonetta (2009), Director Hideki Kamiya decided for the next version of the game i.e Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 was released in October 2014, it was immensely complimented around the world for its spectacular combat system and overall enhancement compared to the first game. It sold around 700,000 copies around the world with earning several billion dollars.  It won several awards for outstanding video game features. After a huge success, fan-following, and compliments around the world, Hideki Kamiya decided to anticipate for Bayonetta 3.

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Release trailer and many more

The trailer was released in the winter of 2017. The first scene of the trailer was immensely gorgeous when the moon visual changes its color with a splash of red blood haze appears. Later Bayonetta’s famous ribbon hew out into half. All the action and drama scenes were picture-perfect. Optimistically, it was a breath-taking trailer for awaited fans of Bayonetta 3. Check out the official trailer here.

Release date of Bayonetta 3 ?  not this year?

It was said to release in summer 2019, after the release of Bayonetta 3 trailer. But it got delayed due to further progression of the game. Hideki Kamiya, the director of Bayonetta told fans to wait for extraordinary improvements in the game compared to the second. Then when will be this series releasing? We are not aware of the current releasing date of this series because of concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic. But for crazy fans of Bayonetta 3, according to the latest information it might be released this winter.  

Fans review on Twitter

Here are view reviews by fans who are eagerly waiting for Bayonetta 3. Hopefully, fans might get good news at end of this year so we hope for the best.