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An 11 year old baby child dies in the lockdown days: keep reading to how her mother felt so upset

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An 11 days baby child dies in lockdown days. This baby child is the daughter of a 27-year-old mother named Sophie. Her mother is very depressed by this and sharing her feelings about her daughter who is no more in this world. Sophie named her child violet, her middle name is Ellen which means ‘bright shining light’. She felt so lost after her daughter’s life. Sophie had aware of this during the pregnancy days that she will no longer live. The doctors said to her but she is hoping that she would survive.

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Sophie shared her feelings and give thanks to the hospital and staff who helped her a lot and always with her baby. She said “I was having the 20-week scan and there was just silence in the room. I knew there was something wrong and they admitted that they had spotted something and we were referred to specialists in Bristol. When we went there I was taken into a room with a box of tissues but we met some amazing staff at the hospital who were fantastic. I was assured that the condition wouldn’t be painful and she would know nothing different. They said she was blissfully unaware and there was a nurse who sat with me for hours explaining everything so clearly and answering all my questions”. She said a lot about her daughter and her surviving days. She continued “It was still scary and I found that were very few palliative stories shared by parents – but no-one said how truly wonderful the time with her would be. I didn’t realize the importance or significance of this but by referring to her by name the team showed us that, to them, we mattered”.

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A mother’s feeling bout her child is totally magical. She said that she still wanted to enjoy pregnancy. She can be a mother again but her first child violet will never grow up. She can’t see her again. She said “We didn’t really know what to expect when she was born but I was prepared for the worst scenarios. I accepted that she may be born blue and quiet but I really hoped that this wouldn’t be the case, What I didn’t expect her to be born on a bank holiday in the middle of a pandemic.”

We can not realize her pain to lost her baby. Her words are sensitive and amazing how she felt about her daughter.