Anne Heche talks on relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and how it was revolutionary at the time. Read to know

When people considered same-sex relationships as a taboo, to come out as a same-sex couple was empowering is what Anne Heche had to say in a recent interview where the American actress opened up about her relationship with comedian and actor Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche were ina relationship in the terminating part of the century,y and Anne says the relationship gave her memories she can not forget and the power to be more free and happy. Please read the whole story ahead to know more about what Anne said in her Interview, and ween AnneEllen’s relationship wasEllen shaped back then.

Let us have a look at this video which reports about the relationship between Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres –

About the Relationship:

Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres were in a relationship between 1997 and 2000. At that time, they were brave enough to come out as a same-sex couple. At that t time, it was not mainstream for a same-sex couple to live together or at least come at as a couple, and to do so at that time was commendable in its own right. Anne Heche said this relationship gave her strength and courage for a lifetime. Anne Heche also mentioned it was a Revolution, and she is proud to be a part of that revolution.



Anne Heche also mentions being a part of this revolution is something that she will cherish for her lifetime. She also tells that to be a part of that was because she fell in love with Ellen DeGeneres. The couple spent a great time together before they broke up in 2000. They both first met each other at the Academy A, wards, also known as the Oscars to many. Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres instantly paired well and got connected soon.



After having a 3-year long relationship Anne and ellen part, ways and Anne pad oa f wit cof ouple others soon after. Whereas Ellen next paired in 2003. Ellen is now coupled with Portia. Anne did not coon mment on anything on the recently going on show scandal of Ellen.