Willow Smith – A Famous American singer and rapper – bought an amazing house from own hard-earned money of worth 3.1 billion dollars. Click here and get to know everything regarding the matter.

Willow Smith – new house!

A famous American singer and rapper – Willow Smith, has bought an expensive and amazing house for herself, which costs a whopping 3.1 million dollars. Willow is a self-made star and whatever she has achieved in her life is only because of her hard work. This year Willow will start living in that new house of hers.

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The place where she bought that expensive house is found near the pacific ocean. However, the place is very captivating and has an amazing view. Let’s look deeper into the matter, and let’s find out interesting stuff. During the year 2000, Willow Smith took birth in the month of October.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett – both of them are the parents of the famous rapper and singer. Before her birth, Smith and Jada Pinkett were very famous and now also. Will Smith, from his first marriage, has a boy named Trey Smith. The entire family tree of Willow Smith is very famous in the industry as well. 

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Her first-ever movie was – I am Legend. Coming to her first music debut, whip my hair video was her first-ever music video that Willow had done during the year 2001. After that video, Willow has done numerous music, and even she received many awards for it as well.

In the middle, she was a prey of controversy as Willow was linked with Moisés Arias. Regarding her sexuality, Willow Smith is actually bisexual and has openly accepted that she like both men and women as well. Malibu is the exact location where her new house can be found. 

Through photos and designs, it can be seen that the expensive house is like a bungalow. Willow’s new owned house has four big bedrooms and a big dining room with perfect interior designs – very classy. The windows of the Malibu house are made up of glasses. 

A fireplace can also be found in the main room of the house – Willow’s room. The bathroom is well built as well, with a spa feature. Willow Smith’s house is like a dream house for everyone. This is all that we had gathered regarding the matter that Willow has bought a new house from her hard-earned money.