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Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers announces of their divorce after the connection of 10 years!!

The actor of the show Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer posted on his Instagram that he and Elizabeth Chambers had separated after connection of 13 years as friends, soulmates, partners and parents.

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth

He continues, “It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage.”

While Elizabeth also shares the same statement in her Instagram handle in which she disabled the comment section.



The couple, Armie Hammer and Elizabeth had celebrated their tenth marriage anniversary this May. They posted on Instagram, “TEN years married, twelve together, thirteen years as best Friends, Happy Anniversary, My Love”.

Elizabeth also posted their family pictures on father’s day by posting ” The best father”.

About Hammer and Elizabeths ‘Long- Term’ journey

Their “long term” journey started when Hammer and Elizabeth eventually invited via their common friend who had invited Elizabeth for an “adventure day” which was planned by Hammer for their friends.

But at that time Elizabeth Chambers was dating someone else. Later she broke up with him and starts dating Armie Hammer in 2007. The couple married after three years of dating in 2010.

In 2012, The couple opens a Bird Bakery together at San Antonio which is situated in Texas.

By living such a long and sweet journey with each other.The couple decided to give up their long term journey.

The couple have two children named Daughter Harper, 5 years old and son Ford, who is 3 years old.


The couple had quarantined at Cayman islands with their children and family since the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the place where Hammer spent his starting 5 years of childhood.

Hammer posted the picture of Los Angeles on Thursday which reveals that he come back from Cayman island but Elizabeth posts the picture of her children drinking coconut before announcement which states that she is still in Cayman island.