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Death of swimmers took Naya…. will Josey wil be fine with his dad????scroll down to know more

A black day is remembered as the 13th of July because so many eyes filled with tears and ears went deaf……as it is the day the search team recovered Naya Rivera’s body from lake piru which is mostly noted as “death of swimmers”.

A beautiful soul reached heaven by sacrificing her life to save her four-year-old son…..Josey!!A mother’s love can’t be proven because she will be there for her children….every second!!!

The same story goes to Naya Rivera who lost her life by 33years old.

Who is NAYA RIVERA???:

Naya Rivera was a famous Hollywood actor, singer, and model. she born on 12th January 1987 in California,u.s.a.she entered films as a child artist by the age of four in THE ROYAL FAMILY” 1991 to which she got nominated as a young artist award. Later, she did a few films where her teenage also showed her as a guest actor in films.

Her first debut film was AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR as Vera, where her acting skills look damn amazing and we will watch the film for her expressions for many times. She is mostly known as Santana Lopez; the role in Glee series, where she enacted for six seasons and got several awards for glee series. Naya mostly remembered as Santana Lopez where the series went from 2009-2015.

She started as a solo musical artist by 2011 for Columbia records. She also worked with pop bands and R&B.

 Does Relationships went well in Naya life???:


Naya started dating with Tahj Mowry from 2002 to 2004, where the relationship ended in 2004 by some issues. Later she dated with her geel co-star; Mark sailing between 2008-2010 and ended her relationship because of his behavior. After breaking up with sailing, he got arrested a year later by the charges of child pornography.

later, she started dating Big sean 2013, and got engaged by the ending of 2013 but broke-up in 2014 for trust issues between them.

After that, she dated four years with Ryan Dorsey and married him in July 2014. They became parents in February 2015 and she gave birth to Josey in September 2015. After two years of marriage, she filed for divorce in 2016 and decided in 2018 to take joint custody of Josey.

Unknown facts about Naya Rivera:

  • Naya Rivera’s full name is Naya Marie Rivera, where she called bee, Naya, and so on.
  • Naya received 10 prestigious awards in her acting career from 1992-2010.
  • Naya gave money to organizations and charities like GLAAD, stand up for cancer, the Trevor Project, the elephant project, sunshine foundation, and many more.
  • A lady with a golden heart left early at the age of 33years, where I pray her soul might reach heaven and rest.

Missing and death of Naya Rivera:

On July 8th, Naya went for a boat trip with her four-year-old son Josey to lake Piru in a venture country, California,u.s. After four hours she was noted as missing from 4 p.m on 8th July. Her son Josey found asleep, safely by wearing a swimsuit in the boat. Josey told that her mother drowned after they came from swimming and made him sit in the boat. So, by this search team got a clue that she drowned suddenly after making her baby safe. On 9th July.sheriff’s the department confirmed to NBC as they can recover the body!!!!

On July 13th, 2020, morning at 9.30 a.m her body found to the search team. After knowing about her death; Jane lynches commented as “rest sweet, Naya what a force you are”.

Some author actors are planning to raise funds for Josey for his college. As of now, Josey is with his father Ryan Dorsey; ex-husband of Naya Rivera.

”Tomorrow is unplanned” those were the last chilling words of Naya Rivera to her fans……

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