Photo posted, then deleted showing Jerry falwell in unzipped pants : all the information revealed and many more updates  

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. posted and erased a photograph from his Instagram account that has numerous individuals thinking about what occurred during his excursion.

On Sunday, Houston Chronicle journalist Robert Downen posted a screen capture of the photograph being referred to on Twitter including the remark “what is going on.”

The image, from the jerry Falwell Instagram account, shows Falwell with his jeans unfastened, midsection appearing, some portion of his facial hair painted and his arm around a young lady.

The subtitle on the now-erased post peruses, “More excursion shots. Loads of old buddies visited us on the yacht. I guarantee that it is simply dark water in my glass. It was a prop as it were.”

In a slideshow that is still up on Falwell’s Instagram account, an alternate picture of Falwell with paint on his facial hair can be seen. There is additionally another photograph of the lady envisioned.

10 News connected with Liberty University for input on Monday evening yet has not yet gotten a reaction.

It’s muddled what the erased picture was regarding; in any case, a Huffington Post article expressed it gives off an impression of being regarding a “Trailer Park Boys”- themed party.

many more updates available: Photo posted, then deleted showing Jerry Falwell in unzipped pants

The show, “Trailer Park Boys,” is a Canadian documentary TV arrangement, which has been running for in excess of 10 seasons.

In the video beneath, posted by Pulpit and Pen to Vimeo, when Falwell’s picture appears, he’s distinguished as Julian, one of the characters on the show.

On Twitter, Malachi O’Brien, who may be a Falkirk Center person, posted that it was in truth Falwell in this photo. The Falkirk Center could be a piece of Liberty University.

On the appear, Julian – played by John Paul Tremblay ― is around reliably watched with a rum and Coke nearby, in show disdain toward of the truth that Falwell’s engraving requested the refreshment, for this circumstance, was essentially “dull water.”

Falwell eradicated the picture from his Instagram and cleared out an adjacent photo set up showing him in a comparable equip.