Rapper NLE Choppa uses social media to blast his ex-girlfriend because apparently, she denies to let him see their daughter

Rapper NLE Choppa Blast His Ex-Girlfriend Demands To See His Child

About NLE Choppa

Bryson Lashun Potts (popularly as NLE Choppa) is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He was born in 2002 in Memphis, TN. He is 17 years old and he started his career in 2018. His biggest breakout is “Shotta Flow”. It was certified platinum by the RIAA. The genres of his music are hip hop and trap.

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Online Feud

The 17 year old boy, NLE Choppa has a baby girl with his ex-girlfriend. Choppa always wanted a boy but he was blessed with a baby girl. Now the parents are bashing each other on Twitter.

NLE Choppa is tweeting texts like “Can I at least know the baby’s name?” When he announced that he is going to have a baby, he tweeted and said that through this he will learn to love himself better. This teenage dad is bashing his baby’s mother. He keeps on tweeting and saying that he wants to meet his baby. He tells that he wants to meet the baby as it sees it gives him an opportunity to love and know himself better. He even said that God blessed him with a baby girl so that he learns to respect woman.

According to NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend Mariah, NLE CHoppa is not interested. On Twitter, Mariah said that in the first place NLE Choppa never even wanted that baby. She said that you never worried about her so do not act up on social media that you care. She claims that he is pretending to be a super dad on social media. She feels that all this is his acts. In reality he does not care about the baby at all.