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Huawei’s “Powered by HarmonyOS” logo leaked

At the just-concluded Huawei Developer Conference 2020, Huawei announced HarmonyOS 2.0, a new version of its self-developed operating system which will power a variety of devices. Now, an image showing a logo Huawei plans to use for devices powered by its operating system has leaked.

The image which was posted on Weibo by the user that goes by @勇气数码君 is of the “Powered by HarmonyOS” logo which should appear on devices (and services) powered by the operating system. It is similar to the “Powered by Android” logo you see when you boot up an Android smartphone.

The logo shows that HarmonyOS will power a variety of products including watches, cars, earphones, laptops, smart speakers, smart TVs, and smartphones. These devices will in turn control other Huawei smart home products. We expect the image should appear when booting up a device and as well as on their retail boxes.

Huawei already has some products running the new operating system. Last year, it announced the Huawei Vision, a smart TV with a 4K Quantum Dot display. The tech giant has also revealed it will announce a HarmonyOS-powered TV on September 19 that will be available globally.

Starting next year, phones powered by Harmony-OS will be available for purchase in the market and Huawei says it is already working with partner companies such as Midea to launch smart home devices that will work with the OS.