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Bad News!!! Apple Magic Keyboard Release Date Postponed???

Apple Magic Keyboard is a 2020 iPad Pro’s attachment. It is a very cleverly designed weightless keyboard. It has a backlit keyboard along with a trackpad attached to the iPad. All the Apple fans are waiting for the keyboard to attach to it to their iPad’s and have fun as it gives almost the experience of a Laptop. It should probably release around the month of March 18th. So, what reasons delayed its release?

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Will Release date of Apple Magic Keyboard Change amid CoronaVirus?? Details

When you check on the Amazon website about the product, it is displaying as “currently unavailable” but not showing any specific release date. That means even the Amazon is not so sure about the release date of the product because the Apple itself didn’t estimate due to the current situations.

The unveiling of the weight of the keyboard, which became the except part as they announced the other details are making people think that it may weigh heavily. Maybe Apple should have reviled the weigh along with the other specifications. As amazon saying, its total weight could be 1.03kg. So by neglecting the weight of the packing and stuff, we can estimate its weights as around 700grms, including with the magic pencil.

Now, coming to the current Pandemic situations caused by the COVID-19. The entire world is under strict Lockdown.  So in these situations, it is very hard to expect the keyboard to release. Also, the increasing confirmed cases in the countries made the Lockdown get extend in several countries. As long as these numbers remain constant and the recovery cases increase, the situation continues.

Have you expected the release date?

Although the assumptions are being made on the release date, and these say that the magic keyboard may release around the months of May ending or June. If the situations get better.



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