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The Beauty Of Your Face: Why Is It Most Anticipated Book Of 2020?

“The Beauty Of Your Face” is a Youth Novel by Sahar Mustafah. Goodreads rated the book with 4.1 out of 5. Also, Marie Claire, Bustle, Real Simple, and Literary Hub named it as the most anticipated book of 2020. W. W. Norton & Company published on April 7th, 2022. The book consists of 312 beautifully written pages. It became one of the most read books since the book got released. Eventually it became the most recommended book of 2020.

the beauty of your face

A Brief About The Author:

Sahar Mustafah is a teacher who teaches literature and creative writing in high school. A professional always teach students with a passion. She is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. Code of the West (2017) is the prize-winning collection of her stories. It has been awarded with Guild Literary Complex Prize for fiction. It is a Story honor from Best American Short Stories, and three Pushcart Prize nominations, among other honors.

A Brief About The Novel:

Afaf Rahman is the center of the novel. she is a daughter of Palestinian immigrants. Although she is an immigrant and despite all the hurdles and problems she manages to pass all of them and becomes a principal at Nurrideen School for Girls, a Muslim school in Chicago. She thinks everything goes fine after all the hurdles. But there comes one which never she forgets in her life. One morning, a shooter attacks the school. And announces some terrifying words and then she goes through all the problems she’s been through. The novel is all about the thinking where the author portrayed the problems faced that a woman faces in a brilliant manner. All the problems she faces as a child and the dream of returning back to their hometown.

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