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George Clooney’s Prolonged Feuding With His Wife on Their Kids

George Clooney allegedly in a prolonged feuding with wife Amal Clooney over their kids. Where is it going? And the rumours on their relationship status. 

George Timothy Clooney is one of the highest-paid actors in America. The 59-year-old actor now seems to be allegedly in a prolonged feuding with his wife for their children’s stay. This seems to be serious between them just to the place where they should move.

George clooney
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His wife Amal said that he always wants his decision to be finalised irrespective of her decision. She also said that they made a plan to join their kids in a British school, and now he is suddenly thinking of changing plans. Henceforth she concludes that he doesn’t even stick to the plans they made.

The Issue:

George on account spent $1 million to change his old house into new to move there and impress Amal. But it didn’t work for George as the decision was in favour of him. This indeed made her angry at him for not even thinking about what she really wants and doing what just he wants. It also involved that he said that they are moving to that place to everyone without a single word from her. Making decisions on their own, which involves families makes them angry anyhow.


The issue was spread like many rumours were created on this saying that both of them are having a very hard time. Some sources said that human rights issues left their children also in difficult times. Few rumours were on their diverse too. They are not gonna solve their prolonged issue so. Anyhow despite rumours, the fact is that is at the edge on their issue and gonna definitely have some happy life.


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