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Jaclyn Hill bounces back after 2019 controversy. However, her tweet has led her into a problem and she apologized for it.

Jaclyn Hill is a make-up guru and she has her own youtube channel as well. There are 5.81 million subscribers on her channel and 360 videos uploaded till now. Hill had also launched her own make-up product line Jaclyn Cosmetics which landed in trouble last year.

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She is born in 1990 and became popular through her YouTube channel. In 2011 Hill started her channel, however, it became known in 2017. That year, Kim Kardashian joined her and from there the channel became a hit. Later on, she collaborated with BECCA and launched a highlighter whose sales rocketed and broke the sales of Sephora. Hill also joined hands with Morphe launching eye shadow palettes and brushes which also sold out quickly. Jaclyn married to a drummer Jon Hill in 2009, unfortunately after nine years in 2018 they got divorced. She was into make-up and freelanced as make-up artist and worked at MAC store.

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Last year she took a bold step and launcher her own brand that sold lipsticks and viewers bought it. When they recieved the product they found issues in quality of lipsticks and they started complaining. They found hair, plastic, some were broken, some were melted, after this she shut down her brand. As the customers had already brought the product she repayed them and disappeared for a year.

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After last year problem, she took a break from everything to fight her depression and anxiety. Now she came back to continue what she left, but her viewers didn’t support her. She was upset and took her anger out on twitter. Hill tweeted ‘ Damn, people dragged me to filth when I had a scandal with my lipsticks. But are nowhere to be found when I’m ‘unproblematic’ and doing well. I hope they enjoyed that paycheck they got from the views, though!. This tweet led to more negativity from viewers who sais she just wants attention. Some also said there is no need to ‘drag’ her into filth if she is doing well, one even suggested her follow her advice – avoid haters.

Very next day she again tweeted to apologize for lashing out via twitter. She wrote ‘ Last night I made a tweet I shouldn’t have. I was very emotional and should have put my phone down instead of reacting childish. I was not referring to fans, I was not referring to drama channels and I was not referring to certain influencers that have now been brought into this’.