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Terri Irwin and Bindi Irwin planning to do double wedding!! See whether this claim is true or not??

Some sources claim that Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe are in a relationship and they are planning to get married soon. According to some rumours, Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin are not just only friends, and they are romantically involved in their relationship. Let’s see if it is true.

In 2018, a source claimed that Russell and Irwin are dating. They finally got together after their long term friendship for their happy ending. The authorities claim that there is something different between them. They are way more than just friends. The source claims that Russell is the most critical person in the life of Terri. They always were seen hanging out together as friends, but now this time, there is something different between them.

Terri Irwin, Russell Crowe

However, in reply to this claim, Irwin commented that these rumours are not true at all. She said that Crowe is her real and amazing friend, but these rumours are false.

Terri Irwin, Russell Crowe

Following these claims, there is another source claiming that Terri and Russell are planning to do a double wedding with Chandler and Bindi. They will do a joint wedding and pay their gratitude and tribute to late Steve Irwin. Moreover, the source claims that Bindi will wear a Crocodile Green dress and Terri use her vows and acknowledge late husband. This claimed story is so incredible to believe. Bindi and Powell are also unmarried yet. These two, Terri and Russell are not dating yet.

Russell Crowe brokes Terri Irwin’s heart!!!

Apart from it, another source claims that Russell Crowe brokes Terri’s heart. It argues that Terri and Russell are in a, but Terri heard something related to Russell that brokes her completely. Moreover, this story also took Russell’s ex-wife Danielle Spencer into it. The source claims that Russell’s ex-wife wants to be together with Russell. And this news let Terri completely heartbroken after hearing about it.