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Paris Hilton reveals that she had been in many abusive relationships in her documentary “This is Paris”!!!

Paris Hilton learned to live in much hard time. Recently she reveals that she had been in so many toxic and abusive relationships. She said that at starting all of them were very nice and good but with time they started to turn on the face. They started to get jealous, started to get defensive and also tries to control her. And she said that there was a point that they become physically, emotionally abusive. Paris reveals many of the things about her dark past with the help of her documentary named ‘This is Paris’.

Paris Hilton, Carter Reum

Paris mentioned a lot about her boarding school in Utah which shaped her mindset. She mentioned that she had been gone through so intense and regular abuse in her boarding school. And due to which she thinks that this is normal. So this mindest was up in her all relationships. She always thinks that abuse is normal in a relationship. She said that that behaviour made her realise that it is so normal. But she said that she doesn’t believe that she let those people do that with her.

She shared her worst experience of 2003 when her sex tape got released. Perhaps, she feels that her tape hadn’t been viral if she was never gone to that boarding school. She said that she made the person she could meet in her life. She said that if she hadn’t gone to that boarding school, she wouldn’t be in that relationship.

Paris said that she is happy with Carter Reum!!

Paris Hilton, Carter Reum

Currently, Paris is in a relationship with an entrepreneur Carter Reum. And she thinks that he is a perfect match for her. She said that she feels so safe with him. She said that she learned so much from this relationship. And she is grateful that she met him.