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Joe Biden travelled to meet Jacob Blake’s family and had a telephonic conversation with Jacob who said he is ‘Not giving up’

Joe Biden recently stated that he was able to get in contact with Jacob Blake over a phone call. People were very upset due to the racial discrimination that was done and the violence that took place against Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake had been shot by a white police officer over six times when he was present in the car with his family. The shots opened a possibility that Jacob could never be able to walk again due to paralysis. This incident led to several protests which and people of the country used signs and hashtags as a way of demanding justice for the victim. The event proved to be a highlight of 2020 and is being talked about on a large scale.

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Joe Biden meeting Jacob Blake’s family

Joe Biden had a conversation with Jacob Blake and stated that Jacob was already out of the ICU when Biden spoke to him. He revealed that the conversation was for about 15 minutes in which Jacob came off as a very strong person. This is because Jacob told Biden that he was not going to be defeated easily by anything. Jacob also said that it did not matter if he would lose the ability to walk again or not. Lastly, Biden described that Jacob had the will to not give up easily. There were two trips made by Biden and his wife. The first one was in Milwaukee. Biden and his wife met with Jacob’s family there where Jacob’s Father, brother and his sisters were present. Just as Biden had a conversation with Jacob over the phone, Jacob’s mother too joined them over a telephonic conversation. It was reported by the family members that Biden was very patient with them and was ready to listen and understand the situation completely. He also aware of the pain that Jacob was feeling and acknowledged it.