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George Floyd incident has started a movement and people are rigorously tweeting! Click here and get all the information regarding the matter.

George Floyd – death incident – mass movement.

In the history book, the name of the person, George Floyd was added along with Rose parks and Emmitt Till, as the face split second that ignited stirring. Floyd’s murder was a mysterious murder because he died in such a way that it remains secret. 

The New York Times

That murder of Floyd which happen in Minneapolis could have been added to the list of black Americans who died only because of police officers. However, it had the potential of grabbing the attention of a large Mass somehow the world move ahead of the incident.

But the present time is somewhat different.  The death Floyd has ignited a campaign which included the national and global protest, such a campaign is responsible for making changes in the signals of racism that is from flags Change to the statue, with a hope that reform will occur for all the black Americans. 

ABC News

Here’s what we have gathered so far regarding the particular incident that took place in Minneapolis.

Due to the death of George Floyd, twitter traffic started from the month of May on 27th and continues till the month of June by making it a momentary occasion.

There were a total of fifteen million tweets that were assembled by using a source and tool called Twarc. That software- Twarc shows all the tweets that have been made by using a particular hashtag for example – protest. But sometimes, due to some poor connectivity, the software or the tool fails to provide a complete collection of such tweets.


During that time the protest which was made for George Floyd seems like a general case as the moment changed geographical as it spread to other cites of the US and other countries as well.

The movement which had started during the month of May on 28th somehow spread to other countries across the world as well. 

 This time proved that the scenario is different because it is appreciable in our institution and our hamlet and our anatomy are here to show how the protest was perfectly analyzed –  George Floyd’s death also brought cognate calamity like Breanna Taylor into the people light. Now the question is so far this Inner light will boil down into effective experience not minimum in terms of public policy.