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Ellen DeGeneres’ former love interest, Anne Heche, makes a statement about the rumours!

source: today.com

Rumour after rumour after rumour! Ellen DeGeneres has been booked for rumours throughout the year which definitely is not making her or her fans happy.

What are the allegations made?

Previously a rumour about Ellen and her wife getting divorced was going around which had disturbed the couple. However, the rumours were shut off by Ellen herself when she stated that she had never planned on leaving her wife nor will she ever do that. Alongside that, certain allegations were made on the globally recognized American personality. The people from the host’s workplace reportedly claimed to be harassed and exposed to racism while working on the set of her talk show, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Investigations were made after the allegations but no solid proof was found. Ellen also went forward and apologized to her staff members for the situations that they were put in which she claimed to be unaware of.

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What did Ellen’s former girlfriend state?

Anne Heche, an American actress who has made a large number of fans for her famous movies that include Volcano, Psycho, Donnie Brasco and others. Anne was seen in a public relationship with Ellen DeGeneres which ended over two decades ago. Anne Heche, who faced various difficulties revolving her career when her relationship went public, commented on the recent rumours that have been flying around even though Anne is not in contact with Ellen since years.

Anne Heche spoke in favour of Ellen DeGeneres when she was asked about Ellen’s mean and insensitive behaviour. Anne showed no signs of regret about her past relationship as she sheds a light on the beauty of her relationship with Ellen. Anne states that she thinks of her relationship with Ellen as an honour as she believes that her relationship brought a social change which not would have been possible if It were not for their love interest.