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Look what Director of Marvel studios visual arts Andy Park has shared about the movie – Captain Marvel. Click here and get all the details regarding the matter.

Yon-Rogg and his encounter in the movie.

Last year the release of Captain Marvel became the biggest hit of the year as this was the first-ever film of marvel universe that showcased a female star in a lead role. The release of this Marvel franchise movie grabbed attention from all over the world and made history in terms of the blockbuster movie. 

The Direct

The movie (Captain Marvel) presented the most powerful superhero and along with that some comic stories. The characters such as Skrulls were introduced by this movie under a cosmic principality and also Yon-Rogg (character of the movie). Jude Law played his part in the role of Yon-Rogg and fans with the help of this character used to speculate about the outbreak. 

It was earlier misinterpreted that the actor Jude Law will be playing the main role of Mar-Vell but makers of the movie denied such speculations and confirmed with an alter news that Jude will be playing the role of Yon-Rogg only.

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The marvel movie showed the relation between Danvers and Jude Law (Yon-Rogg) in a captivating manner. But now things seem to have altered. The confrontation between both of them had a new scenario and was dragged from the movie itself. 

Director of the Marvel studios Andy Park disclosed a video involving both the actors – Yon Rogg and titular. In that post, he (Andy Park – director of visual development) revealed that because of its spoil nature he couldn’t make it. If you look thoroughly then you can catch the glimpse that there is a hit moment between both the characters. 


The encounter between both the roles – Danvers and Yon-Rogg seemed very interesting and fascinating that the keyframe which remained unused would have amounted to the fascinating moment. Now it can be understood why Andy Park stated the word keyframe as a spoiler during the outbreak of Captain Marvel.

The character played by Jude Law was last identified as alive during various events of the movie. But the future of Yon-Rogg is still in making. Now it is heard that the sequel of the movie – Captain Marvel will show a storyline of secret invasion. The keyframe shared by Andy Park may be used in the sequel of the movie.