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Prince Harry and Prince William issue rare joint statement over Princess Diana’s legacy: keep reading to know more

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Prince Harry and Prince William are making a statue of her late mother in which they have issued with each other about this project. Prince Harry and Prince William is the son of a princess of wales. They both are good siblings. Both brothers love each other but they have an issue on her late mother’s statue. Princess Diana is their’s mother name, and she is no more. That’s why both children prince harry and prince William making her statue.

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They have an issue of the joint statement of the duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge. Kensington palace read:” the statue that prince William and prince harry have commissioned to commemorate their mother, Diana, princess of wales will be installed next year on what would have been her 60th birthday. The statue was commissioned to Mark the 20th of her death and recognize her positive impact in the UK and around the world. The statue will be installed in the sunken garden of Kensington palace on July 2021″. They both really wanted her statue for her memory and people always remember her. This statue was nominated to six people in which Princess Diana’s sister lady Sarah McCorquodale is included with her two sons prince harry and prince William. This statue will establish in the sunken garden of Lexington palace.

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Well, the project of this statue was officially announced three years ago. It would already be made but this pandemic spoils everything. Due to this pandemic, this statue will establish in 2021. Before establishing there will be held an event in which prince harry and prince William will be there. Other royals person will also attend this event in which Queen Elizabeth will be there.

This will be a very emotional moment for everyone when they all will participate in that event. Prince Harry and Prince William love their mother a lot. They both celebrate her anniversary. Prince William and Prince Charles used to live without their mother at a very young age. They both miss their mother and this statue will always memorable for them.
On the behalf of their mother recently a Diane award aired on Diane 59th birthday and a speech was recorded by prince harry. So keep reading this page to know more about the royals family, we will let you know more information.