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Vanessa Bryant – Late Kobe Bryant beautiful wife was seen all happy with her daughters in a happy moment. Check out here everything regarding the matter in details.

Vanessa Bryant is all happy now.

Kobe Bryant who is the basketball player found dead along with her own daughter in an unexpected horrifying scary helicopter crash. The incident has absolutely disturbed each one. Not only his fans but others are also displaying their grief for this unlucky moment of the player. Recently, Vanessa was seen in a happy moment with a friend along with her daughters 

Pic credit: AmoMama

But seems like Vanessa Bryant has moved on happily with her two beautiful daughters. The family was seen watching a movie together with a friend and hugging each other. After witnessing this, it feels good to see that the family has improved in terms of moving on after what happened in the past with Kobe.

The sportsperson was traveling along with his first daughter for the practice but fate had a different plan of its own as the chopper broke from forty miles from the northwest side of Los Angeles. 

The basketball player was forty-one years of age whereas his daughter was thirteen years old. Little did the family of Bryant know that this is going to happen in an unexpected way out of nowhere. Vanessa Bryant who is the beloved better half of the player – Kobe Bryant was seen shedding her tears with a heavy heart. 

Pic credit: Yahoo! Sports

Together Kobe and Vanessa have four beautiful children of their own. Among them, Capri Bryant was the youngest one of only seventeen weeks old. The eldest sibling’s names are Gianna, Natalia, and Bianka. The whole family of Bryant has shattered into utter sadness after such an incident in their life.

Two months back both the love birds – Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant were seen celebrating their anniversary which was the twentieth number but after two months this tragedy happened in a shocking way. By taking to his official Instagram handle, Kobe shared an emotional content which he had dedicated to his beautiful wife. 

Pic credit: AmoMama

He dedicated the tribute by calling his beloved wife Vanessa Bryant as his queen in an emotional manner. That must be the last thing that Kobe Bryant had expressed to his wife before the crash took place in California.

Both the love birds – Kobe and Vanessa met for the very first time when the player was twenty-one years old whereas Vanessa was seventeen years old. During that time Vanessa was pursuing her career as a model at the background of a music video. That’s all we have gathered so far regarding Kobe Bryant’s life, starting from his love life to the end of his love life due to this terrifying incident.