HomeEntertainmentChris Pratt and Katherine blessed with a baby girl!!! Check out for more:

Chris Pratt and Katherine blessed with a baby girl!!! Check out for more:

Chris Pratt announced on Monday that he and his wife have been blessed with a baby girl. The couple named their daughter Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt.

Both mom and baby are doing so great and looks like they are actually blessed and looks so happy.

Who is Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt?

Katherine Schwarzenegger is an author and wrote many books with some speciality and got some awards also. Whereas Chris Pratt is a Hollywood actor and cast in Marvel Movies Franchise name Guardians Of the Galaxy. This movie was one of the most successful; movies in the Avengers series.

Chris and Katherine married last year in June in an intimate ceremony. Even Chris Pratt called his wedding ceremony as intimate, joyful and emotional.

It was looking with a picture that their wedding day was the best day of life. They became husband and wife in front of God, family and friends. That was the new chapter of their life. They had been blessed with so many power and emotions.

In a picture, Katerine’s brother Patrick said they are doing great just got her a little gift.

The couple blessed with a baby girl:

This is true that this cute and happy couple blessed with a baby girl who is so cute and charming. They recently shared a picture of their daughter holding her palm and some lines of bible verses.

On Instagram, Chris Pratt wrote that he is thrilled to announce that they have been blessed with such a small cute gift from God. Now they have become parents and they welcome their cute little girl Lyla Maria with all the hearts in their life.

They really are looking very happy and blessed.