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1337x: What is it? Why is it considered unlawful? Click to know!

The Internet has given a wide call to the producers of the entertainment industry with its wide circulation of the content. But being supportive on the one hand, it has also delivered some severe threats to the industry. Interestingly, the reason behind such a threat is the working of some piracy websites on the internet. 


One of these piracy websites is called by the name 1337x. The website is a popular BitTorrent website that fits on providing some of the latest HD movies and web series without any permission from the copyrighted authorities. Here’s everything you should know about this pirated website titled 1337x: 

What do we know about 1337x? 

If we talk about this pirated website, the site ranks high in the most prominent pirated websites. 1337x is essentially perceived for delivering some of the latest HD movies and web series as soon as the latter gets released in the theatres or any of the paid websites. 


The method of delivering movies follows a simple procedure. Under this, an archive of torrent files is procured to all the users, where they can download files pursuing the BitTorrent approach. Thus, it becomes very effortless to download any movie or series. 

Furthermore, if we discuss the site’s income, we might infer that 1337x’s gain under this is only from the advertising, which pops up as users use the website. Apart from rendering unrestricted films to its users, 1337x also provides content that holds up variant streaming notches. 

One of the most intriguing facts is that this site is in combined hands with some of the broker websites. With the aid of these websites, the outlet of 1337x can function in those countries, too, where bans are inflicted on the site. So, this makes you anonymous in the eyes of the administrations of your country.

Is 1337x legal and safe to use? 

Well, the answer to this thing is negative, as it is considered unlawful to download or use any pirated websites like this. In regards to the points that are mentioned above, you might have got a slight bit of clarification of the illegalities performed by 1337x.


These sorts of sites are primarily banned in the countries. These are banned as soon as the authorities discover them. Due to their infringing activities and illicit acts, websites like these are also penalized many times. This penalization has also posed threats to the users many times. 

In concern with the security issues, sites like 1337x have undergone a ban in many countries of the world. Also, the most crucial consideration is that the users are virtually settling their private data and credentials at risk. Risk is appearing with the use of such types of websites on their devices. 

Additionally, websites like 1337x can also be in the hands of some of the other hackers/cybercriminals. These hackers might hack your data. This can happen not only with these hackers but also with the mistaken clicks. Here, the website might direct you to the harmful ones.

Copyright 2020 movies leaked by 1337x:

  • Dolittle
  • 1917
  • The Lion King
  • Bharat
  • Narcos
  • Love Aaj kal
  • Pagal Panthi
  • Ford v Ferrari
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

What are some of the legal alternatives for the website? 

Alluringly, torrenting is not at all deemed as illegal in the gazes of law, but using and downloading content from these websites is heeded as illicit. Sometimes, things can happen in a way on which you want it to go through. Stuff like this may put you on the wrong side of the law. 


There are numerous legal alternatives for 1337x that can be used for watching or downloading movies. Most considerably, these are not at all, posing any threat or risk to your data. The list of these alternatives includes the Crunchy Roll, Internet Archive, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar. 

Well, almost each one of us is known about Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar, due to their immense popularity. So, we will discuss the other two in the below paragraphs. The first and foremost alternative is Crunchy Roll. It is an American website that hustles itself in the meadows of hosting, series, anime, shows, and music. 

Now, the second one which comes our way is the Internet Archive. Essentially, the website is a non-profit archive of movies where users can stream movies and web series. The only point that is to be considered is that the site generally follows the primary genre of classic cinema.

Disclaimer: Insta Chronicles in no way publicizes any pirated websites like this. We haven’t provided any download link on our website. The blog is only written to give awareness to you guys. Using these sites can pose severe threats to your private information and credentials. So, we beg you guys not to get involved or use any such type of websites. 

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