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Very bad news for Kanye West fans!! He has crossed the deadline as given by FEC for Presidential campaign. Here’s everything that might help you.

Kanye West forgot the deadline?

Seems like this year Kanye west fans and followers won’t be getting their peace of mind. Not only in his personal life, but the rapper is also going through a rough patch in his professional life also. So far nothing has been stated in a concrete manner but as far as reports are concerned, his upcoming elections might get a negative remark. 

Pic credit: NME.com

If someone is planning for the presidential campaign then he or she must follow certain regulations as set by FEC. Seems like Kanye West is very unfortunate regarding the important dates. And due to this, his election campaigns might hit the rocks this time for sure. 

It is now heard that the rapper has missed or neglected the last date of some important submission regarding his electoral campaigns. There is no doubt that this is very bad news for all the fans and followers of Kanye West at present.

Pic credit: NME.com

As per FEC regulations one who is planning for the presidential campaign then he or she has to submit a report regarding the financial claims. But the only conditions that lie here is if the candidate has raised exactly $100k billion or more than the specified amount. 

But Kanye West has not done that yet as per the source revelations. The last date of the submission was scheduled in the month of August 20, which the rapper has crossed it. Now, what this action of Kanye West specifies? Let’s answer this question that fans have been asking a lot these days.

Pic credit: New York Magazine

This action suggests two things – one that Kanye West must have forgotten the mentioned last date and second is that he must not have raised the mentioned amount for the campaign so far. Nothing among these two will do any good to the rapper for his presidential campaign.  

He had also set up a group of political leaders after his rally in South Carolina. There he had also set up a group which he named – “let voters decide”. That’s all that we have gathered so far concerning that matter of Kanye West crossing the last date given by FEC.