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Look what officials has to say about Naya Rivera after the incident at California lake. Click here and get to know everything in detail.

Naya Rivera and her son.

Seems like this will be the worst news for Naya Rivera fans and followers as her life is at stake. Its been a matter of a few days when both Naya Rivera and her son met with an unfortunate incident. Little did Naya Rivera know that soon they will be facing such a day together. 

Pic credit: Page Six

Officials have tracked down her son who was spotted alone in the boat that Naya Rivera had rented in a lake. The lake is located in the southernmost part of California. It was due to the thorough investigation of the officials that they succeeded in finding out her only son.

But unfortunately, they couldn’t track Naya Rivera’s body when her son was found. In literal terms, the mentioned actress was found nowhere. Now the question arises whether she (Naya) is alive or not. It was during an afternoon time when her son was tracked down.

Pic credit: Variety

Rivera is very popular for the role that she has done in a television series named Glee. One of the police officers of Ventura revealed the news of a drowning victim. The current age of the actress is thirty-three. While attending a conference, an officer whose name was Chris Dyer revealed their mission.

Initially, their team had the mission of searching and then rescuing but with the process their mission changed to searching and then recovering the concerned victim. About the actress, the officer said that she must have lost her life while drowning. That was the most shocking part of their revelation about the incident.

Pic credit: BBC.com

That was a mere incident that unfortunately took place but according to the officer – Chris Dyer, they are thoroughly investigating the matter and dedicatedly trying to track down the actress – Naya Rivera. They are giving their best in this rescue mission of Naya so that she can be returned back to her beloved family members. 

There were no findings in their recent mission of rescue. The team is thinking of resuming their work on Friday. Sources reveal that the depth of the lake is causing a real problem in the mission. Divers are dedicatedly searching Naya Rivera’s body deep down the lake.