HomeEntertainmentJennifer Aniston shares a video of playing the game of Billiards with Courteney Cox!! See here!!

Jennifer Aniston shares a video of playing the game of Billiards with Courteney Cox!! See here!!

The star of The Morning Show, Jennifer, shared a video on her Instagram with her best pal Courteney Cox. In this video, both of them were playing the amazing game of Billiards. Courteney played so well in the court, she looks like a pools shark, and yeah, Jennifer also tried her best.

Jennifer posted this video of the game on August 20, and within three hours of posting, that video reaches 4million likes. Courteney was playing quite well; she was singing every shot, whereas Jennifer was trying to connect her ball. And as a result, the ball flies off away from the opposite direction of her pocket.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston

The video starts with Courteney making one after one hilarious shot. She was playing so perfectly as she is a champion in it. If she talks about Jennifer, she plays with an extreme level of frustration. Whenever she puts an effort to hit the ball, she always missed it. After missing every shot She put her hand on her head out of extreme frustration.

The video covers all the hilarious reactions of Jennifer after missing all the shots. And also Courteney reactions after when Jennifer misses all her shots. Whoever edited the video, he edited it in a superb way.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston

Both of them were wearing glasses at the starting of the video while playing pool. But sometimes, Jennifer took her off, of course, due to frustration of not hitting any of the balls.

Jen was wearing a beautiful black dress with a long gold chain, earrings and more accessories. And she was looking more beautiful. While Courteney wears everything so casual a grey sweater and jeans.

It is a great thing to see these both friends spending time together in this Covid-19 pandemic. We all are hoping to see these two beautiful friends together in production soon.