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A new Post on Instagram of Yaslen Clemente, with the breakthrough she was perfect head to toe.

Instagram has always been placed for influencers to perform and Yaslen Clemente, a stunned model, finds a way to make 2.1 million followers. She is one of those fitness models who gained popularity from their work. She recently posted a photograph of hers on Instagram which gained immense popularity and fans went crazy.

In the Instagram Post


Yaslen was wearing a pink dress. Her dress was pink romper and matching cardigan while flaunting her tantalizing curves. Withstood in a long hallway with a patterned carpet beneath her, and a white wall providing a neutral backdrop. She was looking perfect and with her curves still remained the focal point of the shot.

All about Yaslen Clemente

Yaslen is an American Instagram influencer, wellness model. The reason everyone is crazy about her is because of her wonderful looks and flawless looks. She adored by masses. All her social media sites were amazing and had a huge fan base on the internet. the 23-year-old internet influencer.


She is a young lady and is extremely focused on her wellness and training sessions. Her looks are fabulous and even at the time pandemic, she looks perfect. In her recent post, she was looking fabulous in her pink dress.

Her Instagram user-id is @yaslenxoxo. Yaslen is posting the work of many big companies of cloth-like Body for fitness, sportswear, and many others. In her recent picture, she tagged @mypasserella.

Reviews on Post on Instagram

On the post, she got tons of likes and comments. Yaslen captioned the image as Baby Pink.

Comments like ‘beauty’ and ‘gorgeous’ were all over the image.

Some of the comments like ‘So Perfect’, ‘Head to toe PERFECT’, and ‘Very feminine night wearing, looking, Romantic’.