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New rumors about the royals are growing every day. Prince Charles is paying for his son’s new house.

Seeking help from family at times of crises or new life is not a bad idea but taking help after leaving the legacy can lead to a bad decision. There were many allegations that Prince Harry took money from Prince Charles. It said that a father is helping his son and daughter-in-law financially and emotionally.

A while ago just like Prince William Prince Harry also gave away his royal duties by leaving the firm. But many are accusing him of still taking financial help from his father. A week after rumors started growing, later a source told Us Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid for the property themselves. However, it said that the royal couple took a huge loan to pay for $14 million in Santa Barbara.

From Sources

From a source, it said that Charles devoted to both his children and is ever ready to put his hand in his pocket. He regularly assists his children and will be there with him always. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also had to pay taxes to the British.

The royal couple could easily stand up for the new house and live in Santa Barbara but according to the couple it was a great deal and so they took it up. The couple on tabloids have news about them on a regular basis. New rumours came every day about your couple.

After quitting the firm and keeping royal families by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 35 year old is not earning now and has nothing in his keep. Even after all this, there are comments from the Royals. Recently they purchased a new place to raise their kid with millions of dollars in Santa Barbara.