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Re Zero: Season 2 is BACK!!!Know everything about new episode and released Date !Check it now..

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Re  Zero- Starting Life in another world is a light novel series. It is an adventure and action fiction series.

It took a few years for makers to come back with a new season of Re Zero. Fans are very excited to watch its next episode. People who love to watch cartoons and animated action series and movies, this series is the best one to opt for.

It was broadcasted on TV TOKYO, TV OSAKA.

What this series is all about:

Re Zero is based on a light novel revolving around Subaru Natsuki. He has one power with him, that he can return from death. One day, he was summoned to another world, and then there he befriends with a silver hair girl Emilia. Rem was on the way back to the capital with Crusch but something happens and she went to coma.

Release Date for Re Zero Season 2 :

White Fox Studios announced the release date for Re Zero Season 2 will air on July 8, 2020. Season 2 will have full of 25 episodes telecasting in two halves. The first half will start on July 8, 2020. And the next half of the season will be in January 2021. First, it was releasing on April 2020 but due to the global pandemic it was delayed and now it is releasing on July 8, 2020.

Here’s the link for tailer of season 2 :


Re Zero Season 2 CAST:

Inori Minase: Rem

Yusuke Kobayashi: Subaru Natsuki

Yumi Uchiyama: Puck

Rie Murakawa: Ram

Kana Ueda: Anastasia Hoshin

Chinatsu Akasaki: Felt

Yui Hollie: Felix

Satomi Arai: Beatrice

And many more same faces can be seen in the new season.


Fans who were waiting for its season 2 of Re Zero is coming to an end now.

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