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Meghan Markle leaves the royal family and also convince her husband to move to US with their son. Read to know more about the royal couple.

Meghan Markle is in talks for many days. She decided to leave all the luxuries in the royal family. She moved out with her husband, Prince Harry. The couple left their family and has been living separately since January. They have been highly slammed for their decision.

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Patrick Jephson, Late Princess Diana’s helper revealed that Meghan Markle doesn’t really believe in the royal family and its tradition. She sees no objective in the existence of the royal family. Patrick Jephson wrote about Meghan in the book ‘The Meghan Factor’, so he knows everything about the Duchess that no one knows. He further disclosed that Meghan’s behavior is very different as compared to all other members of the royal family. She is surely the Duchess but her behavior is not the same as all other Duchess have. She doesn’t exhibit a single feature as a royal family member is expected to have.

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More about Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle left the royal family in January. She spent an amount of 11 million pounds on a tiny property in Santa Barbara. She also allowed a book to launch that embarrassed her inlaws. She did that to make her place in the IS elections. By all her actions, Meghan has proved by her actions that she is not at all interested in royalty and the royal family. Patrick Jephson was completely against her decision to spend 11 million pounds on a mansion in Santa Barbara. The couple has not even paid the correct amount of tax and is in debt. Meghan announced that she will surely pay all the money for the renovations of her mansion. She further declared that soon they will become financially independent and then they will never seek any help from the royal family. The couple also shifted to Canada and declared that they are leaving their royal duties behind.

As of now, the ex-royal couple is residing in the US with their little one-year-old son, Archie. Meghan’s mother also lives with them and she helps them in taking care of their child.