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Look what Kamala Harris has to say about her nomination and Donald Trump. Click here and get all the information.

Kamal Harris has happily accepted her nomination.

Recently Kamala Harris is grabbing a lot of attention because of her recent speech. It is for the first time in history that a black female has been given an opportunity to grab the ticket of VP. After her speech, it felt like it was an indication to help America and save. 

Pic credit: Time Magazine

Recently she was seen attending a DNC night that was specifically meant for women. On that night, she said something regarding the work that Donald Trump has been doing since his president’s rule. According to Harris, the rule that Donal Trump has is not so fruitful in terms of its citizen’s life. 

His rule has hampered the lives and livelihoods of people. Further, she went on talking about her personal life specifically indicating her beloved mother. Her mother still holds a very special place in her heart and as well as in her both personal and professional life. 

Pic credit: San Francisco Chronicle

Harris and her other brothers and sisters have been guided and raised by their late mother. She ( Kamala Harris) further added that the presence of her mother in the present scenario would have made the nomination procedure more special. She has been longing for her presence since her mother left. 

The presidential ticket holder – Kamala Harris also shared her views and thoughts regarding the issues of civil rights currently prevailing in the country. She was also talking about the current outbreak of coronavirus in the entire world. She showed her concern about the matter – ongoing pandemic which has hampered the economy as well as the lives of people of America to a great extent. 

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Talking about the racism she stated that yet there has been no vaccine that is discovered to stop the feeling of racism. We have to work together despite the fact that racism still exists and we have to do something regarding that. 

By directly pointing on Donald Trump she stated that in terms of our foreign relations we have joined hands with allies. Kamala Harris was also seen praising Barack Obama – most loved and respected president of America before Donal Trump. She said the present president has not yet matched the footprints of our former president.