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Former RuPaul’s Drag Race Participant Chi Chi DeVayne dies at the age of 34!!

Chi Chi DeVayne, the Drag Race contestant of Former RuPaul, has died in the age of 34. She was born in Zavion Davenport. She also appeared in the two of the series of the hit most reality show in the year 2016 and 2018. Earlier in this year, DeVayne has gone through kidney failure and she was hospitalized. After that, she again admitted because of pneumonia.

Chi Chi DeVayne, Drag Race

DeVayne was diagnosed with Scleroderma!!

Last week she made a video for her fans, in which she requests her fans to keep her in their memory and prayers, she’ll come back too soon. In 2018, DeVayne was diagnosed with Scleroderma. This is an autoimmune condition that results in the connective tissues of the body to scar and harden.

There was a statement updated by DeVayne family, in which they describe their sorrow and love for DeVayne. They also added that DeVayne always wants her fans and family to never give up in their life. And these were her last words.

Chi Chi DeVayne, Drag Race

Along with it, the production company ( World of Wonder) of Drag Race also pay tribute to the beautiful soul with the statement. In which they said that this is very heartbreaking news. They added that she was a beautiful soul and always spread love and kindness with her word and with everyone she meets.

Following it, the host of The Drag Race also pays tribute to DeVayne by updating that she was a kind and generous soul. The winner of the previous series of The Drag Race, Shea Coulee also shares her love for DeVayne.

The performer of The Drag Race of 2016 also shares gratitude towards DeVayne. DeVayne also appears in the season of 2016. The Drag Race franchise is a global hit. The finalist of the first season of the franchise also said that DeVayne was so kind to everyone. May her soul rest in peace.