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Rush Limbaugh, a radio jockey strikes again with his bigot comment. This time it is aimed at Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate.

Rush Limbaugh is a radio personality who has a reputation to degrade women verbally, especially on his show. This time on the show he talks about Kamala Harris on how she got the position. And he also supports Joe and the Hoe phrase.

Rush Limbaugh: Left uses massacre to promote gun agendaSource: usatoday.com


Rush Limbaugh is 69 years old and runs a radio show Rush Limbaugh Show since 1988. He has also written two books which were the best sellers and is one of the highest-paid radio jockeys. This year Donald Trump gave him Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the highest award bestowed upon civilians. He has also won other awards as well but a very narrow-minded person, he is a misogynist type of person. Basically his views and thoughts are not for this generation only male chauvinist people can understand him.

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Kamala Harris is a vice-presidential nominee for Democratic Party and she is the first African/Asian-American to be one. Harris is married to Douglas Ernhoff who is an attorney and has two children, she graduated from Howard University. Her career started in 199o from Alameda County as a deputy district attorney and in 2020 she is running mate for Joe Biden. She has also won many awards and has featured in being one of the most powerful and most influential.


The news started when an NBA photographer Bill Baptist posted a meme Joe and the Hoe, he was removed from the post immediately. Later on, he apologized, but this meme was supported by Rush Limbaugh on his show. He thinks and says that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top because she had a relation with Willie Brown. Willie Brown is a very powerful politician and she was his mentee, they both had an affair even though he was married. From this, Rush assumed that she is a ‘public escort’ and ‘mattress’ and not mistress that he cleared. Rush is even amused with the thought that now sex can be used to get into politics, as said earlier narrow-mindedness.

According to Limbaugh, Harris owes her career to Willie Brown and their relationship they had which gave her a push. Let’s assume that he is right but isn’t the male dominant society make it like that for any woman that they have to compromise.

NBA photographer fired over derogatory Kamala Harris meme ...

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