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Infinity Insurance: What is it all about? Why Infinity? Plans, Services, All the details covered!

Infinity Insurance is a US auto insurance company. It is acquired by one of the biggest insurance providers of the world titled Kemper Corporation. 

Kemper is a public insurer that was established in 1990. Interestingly, it pacts in delivering insurance for a single individual, family, and business as well. 

What do we know about Infinity Insurance? 

In accordance with the company, setting the title as Infinity was a very spirited move, made by the corporation. Also, selecting such a name meant that the company had to cross those extensive prospects and create a relentless policy for its clients. 

infinity insurance

After all its work on excellence, the most exciting fact about Infinity is that it gains a satisfying rank among the top 50 Insurance Companies of the nation. Further, if we talk about the company’s independent agents and agencies, the total goes on roughly about 13,000. 

Primarily, the primary focus of infinity is on the Hispanic Americans where their role as a driver, businessman, and homemakers is aided to a great extent. Along with supporting and helping them, the official website of Infinity is entirely Spanish based. 

Furthermore, the central target goes on those tracts which are either forgotten or rejected by the other insurance firms. Some of the areas comprise urban Hispanic markets discovered in areas of Los Angeles and Miami. Sadly, their lacks are virtually untouched by others.

What is known about Infinity’s initial journey?

Infinity Company got underway like all the other businesses of the world, where it evolved from a small one to a place as one of the biggest companies. The story tracks down way back in the year 1955.

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Interestingly, there is one more major role behind Infinity’s enormous success. It is the way it did its business with Dixie Insurance Company in the preparatory stages. Even though the company was a small one, still it got a chance to work with a leading company.

Furthermore, there is one more explanation that knocks for its great success. It is Infinity’s second rank in the most extensive non-standard auto insurance of the entire nation. Well, this is very much impressive for both the old and new clients of the company.


So, the question that arises is what’s that impressive? The answer to this question is the company’s stand forward in this matter, unlike other companies. This means whether your record has been good with other companies or not, and Infinity is still going to help you out. 

What is the company’s claim process?

To report a claim for your loss, the first step is to call 1-800, which will steer you to the customer assistance helpline for Infinity Insurance. Here, you will be navigated to one of the adjusters, who will confirm your loss details. 

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Further, the second step involves the statement confirmation about who was driving the vehicle, and what were the conditions in the surrounding at that time. Besides, things might also get complex if the person was driving, and the insurer is different at the time of loss.

If the situation gets complex, the case is then transferred to the adjuster who takes a look at the case in a more profound way. If needed, he can also involve third parties in the case. Moreover, it can also record statements taking into review the information that is given by the witnesses present at that time. 

Last, of all, the steps are to keep yourself calm and composed about the fact that it might take less or more time than the anticipated time limit. Attempt to be as cooperative with the insurer as you can. However, there are also some cases where the company would give you a non-payment sign for your claim, but mostly it gives the application if the driver is not at any mistake. 

Why choose Infinity Insurance? 

The first and foremost advantage of the company over other companies is its stability, affordability, and reputation. Also, the company’s primary and central focus is on us, rather than any profit-making service. Hereafter, their only motive after this is to progress in a never-ending manner.  

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The second advantage of Infinity is its viscosity in keeping its clients satisfied. Following the employees, their intention is the client’s happiness. It’s because they are the one who has helped them in gaining the position they are standing today. Besides, they also stand at a surety that they are with their customers today. Also, makes it indeed for the prospective years as well. 

The following advantage that gets on with Infinity Insurance is its supreme preference on the client’s budget. The company makes sure that there is continuously a striking balance between the client’s funding and safety provided by the company. Individuals can also get their cover at the rates of their choice. 

Regarding the customer’s service, there is an added advantage of an expert service department over other insurance companies. Moreover, we can contact these experts anytime as they are available 24/7 for the clients. These contacts are made via text message, calling on the phone, or emailing the experts with your Google Accounts.