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Apollo Munich Health Insurance,features, all the type of plans it holds, benefits of plans and all details.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance is lately known as Apollo Munich Health insurance. It is a close alliance between HDFC Ltd and Munich Health. HDFC Ltd has been one of India’s governing housing finance corporations. Located in Mumbai and headquartered in Germany. Hdfc ergo health insurance is well known for its drafting of modern health plans. Moreover, these strategies encompass pre and post-hospitalization expenditures, everyday cash for hospital rooms. Additionally, it gives free health checkups, medical professional opinion, personal coverage for cancer, hypertension, and diabetes, etc.

Apollo Munich health insurance

Apart from these, Hdfc Ergo fitness insurance also gives good coverage with the elective rider to make it more profitable. With this support it shatters all your health-related uncertainties correlating to health. This company had assessed with various awards for the institution of creative health insurance proposals. So this caters to the prevailing health-related desires of the recent generation.

Apollo Munich health insurance

Features of Apollo Munich Health Insurance:

  • Apollo Munich Health insurance had a total number of 4500+ network hospitals.
  • It consists of a claim settlement ratio of about 62.47%.
  • It provides renewability of the policy for the lifetime.
  • Availability of more discounts and rebates.
  • It also consists of a waiting period of 3 years and also avails portability.

Benefits of plans:

Apollo Munich health insurance

  • Apollo Munich health insurance furnishes sharp client assistance with any of the proposals. It tries to resolve each case within 15 to 30 days.
  • Lifelong renewability: not only provides all expenditures but also provides the characteristic lifelong renewability. By this, the policyholder can restore online fitness cover on every protocol on the anniversary.
  • Besides, it offers cashless assistance at any network hospital. And also has statistics of organizing 90% of cashless claim approval.
  • It facilitates a reasonable claim rate that retains a trustworthy impression in the health insurance area.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance plans:

HDFC ERGO or Apollo Munich Health Insurance, provides many policies and plans. Out of them, the more common and well-known plans include

  1. HDFC ERGO Optima Restore
  2. Easy Health
  3. Health wallet
  4. Energy Plan
  5.  iCan Cancer insurance

HDFC ERGO Optima Restore:

Health Insurance policy which suits for both personal and household healthcare desires.


  • Provides cashless medication for any restricted illness at all network clinics.
  • Moreover, it increases the entire amount assured on the detailed or partial consumption due to past assertions.
  • Additionally, it provides elective coverage for eight significant disorders.

HDFC ERGO Easy Health policy:

Apollo Munich Health Insurance policy assures economic assistance. However, it wraps all hospitalization expenses for the medication of any distinguished illness. And also other similar medical payments of the insured.


  • Covers all motherhood costs
  • Comprises fitness checkup expenditures up to 1% of amount ensured and also emergency ambulance expenditures
  • Payments associated with pre and post hospitalization, everyday cash for hospital room and even AYUSH medication
  • A comeback benefit of Rs. 10,000 will be given if the patient gets hospitalized for more than 10days

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Health wallet plan:

It’s the best plan of HDFC ergo health insurance. Additionally, it delivers perfect coverage for all primary and secondary diseases.


  • Rebuilds the usefulness of the necessary sum insured of up to 100%
  • Compensation up to a maximum of 100% of sum assured for a claim-free year.
  • Provides Not only expenses for hospitalization but also the organ donor expenditures during organ transplantation.
  • It also enables OPD payments or any other medical expenses by restoration benefit payment.

Hdfc ergo Energy Plan:

It’s a complete health insurance policy to handle widespread infections called diabetes. Whether it could be type 1 or type 2, this plan provides economic assistance for those.


  • Formulated to meet the medication expenses developed out of diabetes and hypertension
  • Protection from the hustle of waiting periods to obtain the coverage for a particular therapy
  • It consists of two plans, which include a Silver plan and a Gold plan so one can select their desired one.

Hdfc ergo iCan Cancer Insurance:

This plan gives more safety from cancer, which rapidly created its residence in the human body. To eradicate this origin of Cancer, this plan assures extensive coverage for the medication.


  • Covers all types of cancers under both variants
  • However, it provides cashless therapy of cancer at any network hospital on desiring the approval from the company.