HomeEntertainmentLola Consuelos shows disappointment in the photos that Kelly Ripa have been uploading of Mark Consuelos. What did Lola say?

Lola Consuelos shows disappointment in the photos that Kelly Ripa have been uploading of Mark Consuelos. What did Lola say?

Mary Consuelos photos are like traps according to her daughter Lola Consuelos!!

Recently Lola Consuelos was stating her opinion regarding her daddy’s photoshoots. There is no hidden secret that Kelly Ripa frequently uploads photographs of Mark Consuelos – her better half – beloved husband. Social media users have knowledge regarding the matter discussed over here about the photographs of Mark Consuelos. Let’s get started with the information that we have gathered so far about the Lola Consuelos statements. 

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The nineteen years old daughter of Kelly Ripa is clearly showing her disappointment regarding the photography choices that her dad has been making for a while. Recently, soon after the publishing of a magazine that concentrates on the familiar issues, Kelly and Lola were seen at an event. 

Both of them ( Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos) were seen talking and discussing the activities that they have been doing through their social media handles. With that discussion immediately the topic of sharing Mark Consuelos photos by Kelly Ripa popped up. 

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As everyone knows, Kelly has been uploading the photos that have been grabbing attention like a trap of Mary. Social media users already know this truth of Kelly Ripa. Lola who is currently pursuing her higher studies at the University of New York was seen expressing and discussing her opinion in that event too. She stated that she doesn’t even consider her daddy’s photos. 

Her (Lola Consuelos) mind dismisses to even give a thought about the photos. That is even unacceptable to her. She used the word “disgusting” to express her opinion clearly. Lola kept on saying that there was a time when she blocked herself from that photo and then she seizes to remember that ever uploaded. She forgot everything related to those photos of Mark. 

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Some suggestions also came from her side regarding the social media of her mother (Kelly Ripa). ” I will never do the same that my mother has been doing on Instagram” these were Lola’s words. 

The host claimed that the relationship they have with all the criticisms is very healthy in nature. As per Ripa’s ideology if one has to maintain a healthy mind then they should consider Instagram a lot more seriously. She further went on saying that to her Instagram is something like her other parts of life. That’s the way she looks at them.