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How Does The COVID-19 Affect Your Immune System? Can A Common Cold Disrupt Your Immune System? Read To Know More.

The novel CoronaVirus has doomed this whole year of 2020. The COVID-19 virus is now transmitting through humans and wreaking havoc throughout the world. The number of people affected by this virus is increasing day by day and death is also at its peak. A never seen before pandemic has stopped all our lives and continue to affect the normalcy that we had a few months back. The affected people show mid symptoms called the asymptomatic patients and some show severe symptoms for the disease. So how does this cold and cough affect our immune system so badly? Read the whole article to know more about the disease and how it affects you starting from mere cough and cold.

Many patients in the entire world have shown some of the symptoms such as cold, cough, difficulty in breathing and loss of taste as the symptoms for the coronavirus disease. But with time people and gained crowd immunity and now some patients do not even show symptoms and carry the virus without any information to them This might result in them passing on the virus to the less immune person. The asymptomatic person is called the carrier of the disease thus, everyone should take care of not spreading the disease and regularly sanitise oneself.

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Studies of the infected patients have revealed that the immune response alters the effects seen od the disease. The doctors and researchers are trying to find out the difference between a protective and the pathological immune response to the virus. In the desired result the immune system should trigger more White Blood Cells to kill the virus but this is not the case as seen by the doctors. The body is triggering the production of cytokinins which are harmful and do not kill the virus.

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This stage is called the overdrive of the immune system. The cytokinins damage the inner lining of the lungs, affect the tissues and blood vessels making the situation worse for the patient. To cope up with this, researchers are finding a way out and vaccines are under trails for the eradication of the disease. Until then let us stay safe and sanitise ourselves regularly and fight this virus.

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