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Bored of using “WhatsApp”?? 10 popular alternatives for this messaging app!!! Read to know about them!!!

Unquestionably, WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular applications in today’s time. Interestingly, WhatsApp is an American messaging courtesy that enables users to exchange voice and text messages. Further, it also allows users to share pictures, and make voice and video calls to the other users.  

Recently, the app was transferred for its possession to a distinguished company titled Facebook. However, this transfer of the app to Facebook has not taken off nicely with the WhatsApp users and has built some suspicions among the users considering their private data. 

So, if you are someone who is looking for a similar app like WhatsApp, keeping in mind your security and personal data, then you can look for the alternatives from the list below: 

1) Telegram Messenger

Telegram stands up at the top in the list of the most competitive apps for the WhatsApp Messenger. It has earned tremendous popularity in such a short span of time. 

Telegram has hung around constantly in its position as a leading rivalry app for WhatsApp. Correspondingly WhatsApp, Telegram also enables users to exchange texts and pictures on it. 

However, there are certain differences and add-points in Telegram which are far better than WhatsApp. This includes groups with a total adding capacity of up to 1,00,000 people, and sharing capacity of 1.5 GB files.

Alternatives of WhatsApp

Additionally, it also facilitates users with innovative features like Passcode Lock, Telegram Bots, and Messages with end-to-end encryption. Apart from this, we can also play games inside this app. 

2) Wire

The wire is a fresh messaging app in the social networking market, that would certainly compel a chance from your side. In fact, the app has gained vogue with its amazing interface and features. 

Unlike other apps, the interface that this app clutches to is completely distinct from what other apps overture. Further, this app can be operated on different devices all at the same time, without any interruptions adding up a necessary feature of end-to-end encryption. 

Interestingly, it also includes details like self-destructive messages, the ability of video calling about 10 people at the same time, link previews, and many more unique features. Well, this app can be counted in the list of one of the decent substitutes of WhatsApp. 

3) Signal Private Messenger

One of the fascinating things about this app is that this app is made by that company that delivers end-to-end encryption technology to Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Well, so we guys can detect what this app encompasses for all of us, deeming its mastery in security. Speaking about its features, Signal Private Messenger brings in some unique features. It includes screen safety and the self-destruction of messages for all its users. 

Alternative for WhatsApp

Additionally, this app also fetches secure voice and video calls. Also, this app is mostly used among the journalists who wish to secure their data from other leading news channels of the area. 

4) Bridgefy

Bridgefy is one of the most outstanding offline messaging apps that enable users to exchange messages without any mobile network or any sort of internet connection. In fact, this app makes use of the Bluetooth network or Wifi-Direct to send messages to your friend nearby. 

Unlike other messaging apps, this app can function in locations where you don’t find proper internet connectivity. If we talk about its services, this app lends us three major types of services including Broadcast mode, Person to Person mode, and lastly Mesh Mode. 

Essentially, this app is majorly used by those people or protesters.  Those who wish to keep themselves away from any kind of internet censorship imposed by the government. Above all, this can be helpful during the times of sports events, music festivities, and natural emergencies. 

5) Kik App

Kim is majorly used at times when a person doesn’t perceive like utilizing his/her mobile number for operating any messaging application. Rather, the app makes use of your email address for logging into this application. 

Even though it doesn’t add in the mobile number feature, it lends all the unique features of sharing pictures, video sharing, exchanging text messages, and group chats with others on the app. 

Alternative for WhatsApp

Unlike WhatsApp, it underwrites the distinctive feature of bot support where the users can play games, enjoy some latest fashion tips, fresh news, and many more interesting things in this category. 

6) Snapchat

Well, this can be counted not only in the category of messaging app but also in the category of one of the most popular social media apps in today’s time. 

Unlike other apps, the app offers some remarkable face masks collection that can be used while messaging users on the app. Also, the person receives a notification when the other person takes a screenshot of their conversation. 

Snapchat also offers some commonly used messaging features like voice calls, sending gifs, group chats, and much more. So, if you want a substitute then Snapchat is one of the best apps for you. 

7) Skype

Undoubtedly, this app is one of the best business chat applications that are available in the market at this moment. This app has shifted and transferred all the other apps in the dust with its vast vogue among business people. 

As compared to the other video calling and voice calling apps, Skype gives satisfactory sound and video quality, even in the cases of overseas calls. Thus, it stands at the top in the business apps. 

Alternative of WhatsApp

Also, if you are a person who loves to make video calls to their friend amid these tough times, then Skype is surely that one app for you. However, as a business app, it is infrequently used by ordinary people. 

8) Keybase App

Keybase is an open-source application that is independent of any control of private companies. Here, your data is entirely encrypted with end-to-end encryption where your data is safe from getting exposed to any other group. 

Unlike Skype, it doesn’t focus on its focus area of business companies but directs itself to people who are anxious about their privacy concerns. So, it is open to all its users. 

Alternative of WhatsApp

Considering its uniqueness, the app doesn’t involve any type of number or email address for its registration. In addition, it offers a native application network tagged Linux. 

9) Viber App

Viber is one of those alternatives that prevails at its toes when it comes to multiplicity in features. Similar to other apps, Viber also offers encrypted security with its end-to-end encryption. 

Further, it also administers with its multi-device support system and lets users make international calls with an enhanced voice and video quality. 

Alternative of WhatsApp

Moreover, Viber entails its multiplicity in features with support for stickers, public accounts, sharing files and folders, last seen facility, and google drive backups. 

10) Threema App

Threema is one of those paid apps that should attract you if you are concerned about your privacy on WhatsApp. This app adheres to end-to-end encryption, sharing files, and even buzz for updates. 

However, Threema doesn’t allow any type of voice or video calling like other prominent applications. But, taking its favourable point, it brings in a unique security feature for all its users. 

In fact, this app has a transparent privacy policy. So, your data is definitely in prudent hands, unlike other social messaging apps. Apart from this, it holds on the potential to call for the poll in passwords, and fingerprint-protection.

In conclusion, these are the topmost 10 apps of the social media market that can work as a substitute for the renowned messaging app, WhatsApp.