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Heather Morris Shares Tribute to Naya Rivera: ‘I Know You’re Still With Me’

Naya Rivera died in the Lake Piru a month ago and her friend Heather Morris is giving her tribute on social media and remembering her joyful moments of her lives with her best friend.

Heather Morris and Naya Rivera are two actors who worked in the ‘Glee’ movie together. That is the time they met each other and became inseparable friends. But their destiny have something else for them maybe.

In the month of July 2020, Naya Rivera tried to save her son in Lake Piru where she died. She first was missing from few days which her friend Morris updated the fans on Instagram about her missing. She also added she and her family members reported in police about her and her son missing.

But after a few days, her dead body was found in Lake Piru and her child was safe and crying there.

On July 15, 2020, Heather Morris wrote a heartfelt message for her best friend Naya Rivera that she found dead and she posted a photo of their kids playing in the garden together.

Morris also added they both hated taking pictures because their friendship was more than those photos. In the pandemic of this global covid-19, they had a chance to meet only once before Rivera’s death. Heather told she went to meet her but did not go inside the house and left the oranges on the doorstep. Thought she will meet her after this pandemic but that day will not come now.

And now almost every day she is paying tribute to her best friend Rivera on Instagram. She wrote heartfelt and beautiful messages and along with pictures of her best friend. She said she feels like ‘Naya is still with me’.