Amber Heard looked finally happy and even more beautiful in the instagram photo that she recently shared.

Amber Heard Is a well-known personality who has appeared in various movies before. She was previously seen in London Fields, Drive Angry as well as Justice League. All her movies proved to be great hits and got a lot of media attention.

She was previously seen in a lot of trouble due to her marriage with Johnny Depp who is a huge celebrity and is known globally due to his acting skills. The movies of Johnny Depp were considered legendary and some of his movies broke all records at the box office.

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Amber Heard who is also a star of a successful movie ‘Aquaman’ has been in the news through the years due to her marriage that was going downhill. This resulted in the couple to take the big step and finalizing their divorce.

The marriage between Amber and Johnny took place in 2017 and lasted only two years until 201 when Amber decided to divorce Johnny by accusing him of abusing her. The abuse was both physical and verbal which caused the marriage between the two to fail and Amber has been looking very good mentally ever since.

Recently, a picture was shared by Amber on her social media platform. It was a selfie on Instagram that caught the attention of the world by her charming face. Amber’s millions of followers were very happy to see the image and the comment section was filled with appreciation.

On July 28th, a post was shared on Instagram by Amber where she explained her emotions in the caption of the image given below. In the caption, she expressed her disappointment regarding the procedure of her divorce. What saddened Amber was the fact that she had to remember the mental pain that she was going through at the time of their break up due to the lawsuit that was filed.

Amber has been looking better in her recent picture which was beautifully taken and we hope for her peace of mind.