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Elsa and Anna are back to take you to the world of fantasy. Here’s every single detail you need to know about the DVD release of Frozen 2.

Frozen is an animated movie series. It has huge popularity among the kids and teens especially girls. Fans are amazed to witness the fairy world through frozen. It revolves around 2 sisters, Elsa and Anna. Both of its parts received love and support from the audience. The movie literally makes us believe in the world of fantasies. The movie, Frozen is produced under the label of Disney. Frozen 2 released back in the year 2019. It collected a huge profit within a week of its release. This made makers to release the movie even in DVD form. So for all the frozen fans, we have every single detail here for you.

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Frozen 2 release date in DVD form

Frozen 2 was released in November 2019. It gained huge popularity all over the world. It was released in many countries. The Elsa’s calm attitude, Anna’s notorious activities, the little bit romance, everything amazed the fans. The movie not only won the audience’s heart, but it also proved to be a great success on Box Office. It earned an exact amount of $1.4 billion worldwide. The makers decided to make the movie available in DVD form. In India, it released in DVD form on March 30, 2020.

Image source – Gizmoblaze.com.


The plot of Frozen 2

Frozen 2 revolves around two sisters Anna and Elsa. Elsa who is the elder sister has some magical powers of making everything freeze with her touch. She is conscious of her powers. Anna, the younger one is quite notorious and has a very casual approach to life. In the movie, we see Elsa got to know her reality. She comes to know that she is the only one who can knock out the evil powers and save her kingdom. The sisters go out in order to know facts about their past. They go out following the unknown voice. So the movie is filled with lots of emotional scenes. It showcases a very unique love between the two sisters. However, frozen 2 is the end of series. Although it ended with a happy ending, fans are still sad as they won’t get to see their favorite characters again.

Characters in Frozen 2

  • Elsa, the elder sister and the queen of Arendelle
  • Anna, the younger sister and princess of Arendelle.
  • Olaf, the snowman
  • Kristoff, who helped Anna to reach Elsa.
  • Mattias , leader of armymen in Arendelle.
  • Lduna, previous queen of Arendell and Elsa’s and Anna’s mother.
  • Alfred, king of Arendelle.