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Good News for Gamers!!! Horizon Zero West is finally all set to release after a much wait!

Horizon Zero Dawn is the action role=playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. Now they are making its sequel Horizon Zero West for their loyal and lovely fans.

This game follows the story of a hunter Aloy in a world overrun by machines, who set out to uncover her past. The plate can explore the open world to discover the locations and take on side quests.

First, this game was released on Playstation 4 in 2017 but after the fan following increasing day by day makers decided to release on Microsoft Windows. It will release in 2020 ends.

What is the Release Date for Horizon Zero West?

Sony Entertainment revealed in June about the new sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn. It was first released in 2107. Now Guerrilla Games is giving another sequel as a gift for fans and players and they are returning to a fictional universe.

The release date for this is completely not finalized yet but a guess can work and it will release somewhere in 2021. It will also release on Ps5 very soon, according to the makers.

If you want to play this game you will need a PS5.

The Plot for Horizon Zero West:

The player takes control of Aloy, a hunter who ventures through a post-apocalyptic land ruled by robotic creatures. Aloy can kill enemies in various ways. He uses weapons like arrows, ropes, steers, etc. The game has an open world map full of the day-night cycle and dynamic weather-controlling system.

Makers did not announce the storyline they are following in the Horizon Zero West. Fans want to know the plot but seems like they just have to wait for more for the plot and release of the game.