The brilliant basketball match that happened between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Philadelphia 76ers ended with an incredible score of 124-121 which became the talk of the time since it happened.

Credits- Blazersland.com

We all know-how elegant and incredible basketball player Damian Lillard is! Still, he never leaves a single chance to prove us all over again. The talent and skill Damian Lillard possess are tough to match for anyone who faces him off.

In this match also, he didn’t leave the opportunity to make fans drool over him! He hit the basket after basket when the Blazers needed it the most. Damian Lillard’s excellent performance in the game is the primary reason behind the victory of the Philadelphia 76ers team in the match!

Credits- NBC Sports

Lillard was successful in creating a 50th  50+ point game of the season. Damian Lillard was able to design history in the match. Out of 124 points, he contributed to earning 51 points in the team which makes him the eighth player to score 50+ points in a single match in the whole NBA history.

With this match played, Damian Lillard proved it again why he is the best among all. He used his extraordinary skills, flips, and techniques to give his 100% in the match and eventually winning the match!

After the successful match, Damian Lillard said that he loves to play these matches mentally and turning matches to his advantage. He added that everyone has their weak points and the points where they break down. After that point, very few plays are there who are able to push them up again and concentrate their strength into the match wholeheartedly. When something like this happens, he said he takes advantage of their weakness and this is what he calls using his mental strength along with physical strength to win the matches!

Philadelphia won the match and the Blazers were wished to have better luck next time!

Watch it here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sxkwOADLQ4